Class 4 Social Studies Worksheets (9-10 Years)

As children reach the age of 10, they need a great deal of guidance in dealing with academic and emotional issues that require guidance from parents and mentors. Due to the complexity of their thinking, they have to be prodded in the right direction to make sure they spend time on the right things. This is why the social science worksheets class 4 of Print Learn Center are particularly relevant for children in this age group.

We have provided our social science worksheets class 4, which are printable and can be used wherever and whenever you like. In the case of difficulty with problems understanding the long paragraphs of history or geographical concepts, students refer to the exercises and activities from social science worksheets class 4 in order to make learning social science a lot more enjoyable. PLC's social science worksheets class 4 are curated using a state-of-the-art curriculum developed by India’s expert educators. Based on the Kumon methodology, these worksheets engage students with subject matter difficulty in small steps.

Additionally, PLC offers webinars so parents can follow their children's progress regularly along with pdf worksheets. In these webinars, experts in their fields will show you how to help your child achieve academic success with a few simple steps. For more information, parents can subscribe to PLC's YouTube channel.

Topics covered in Social Science worksheet for class 4

When the child reaches grade 4, they have likely read and understood a little about the history and geography of their country. Now, the syllabus covers the details like the topography, rivers, coastal plains and islands, and so much more. The PLC’s science worksheet for class 4 covers all the topics taught to your child in the school and, through the interactive activities, aims to keep your child meaningfully engaged.

Some of the topics covered in the social science worksheet class 4 are:

1. Geography of India

At the age of 10, your child is now aware of where they live. So they will be interested to know more about their country, features, and topography. The social science worksheet class 4 includes many different activities and exercises to help your child in grade 4 know more about India. These printable worksheets are easy to download so that your child can practice them at their own pace. This makes the whole learning process flexible and less stressful.

2. Indian States

Grade 4 introduces the students to all the Indian states. The social science worksheet class 4 has made sure to include activities that will help your child to remember the names of all the states in a fun and entertaining way. The pdf of these worksheets can be used as an assessment tool by parents to recognise any gaps in their child’s learning.

3. World Geography

Apart from introducing the students to Indian states, the grade 4 syllabus also includes an introduction to world geography. Our social science worksheet class 4 has a wide range of exercises that will enable your child to gather interesting facts about different countries and physical features around the world.

Activities included in Social Science worksheet for class 4

In this social science worksheet class 4, you will find a variety of exercises and activities that cover all the subjects taught in the classroom. Our worksheet includes activities such as random puzzles, word searches, and learning names of counties, state animals, state birds, and our national flag, to name a few. Additionally, the worksheets will offer the opportunity for the parents to participate in interactive activities with their 10-year-old children.

1. Unscramble

Unscrambling a word or a phrase is not just an exercise to improve knowledge but also to enhance your child’s critical thinking. This exercise makes the student think hard until they reach the correct answer. PLC’s social science worksheet class 4 has lots of unscrambling exercises that your child in grade 4 can practice. These easy-to-download worksheets make sure that your child is on a structured learning path.

2. Puzzles

There are lots of puzzles that include interesting facts and figures about India and the whole world that are sure to interest your child in grade 4. A wide range of social science puzzles is included in the social science worksheet class 4, making learning social science fun and engaging for your child.

3. Word search

There are many word search exercises in the social science worksheet class 4, which gradually increase in difficulty so that your child won't become overwhelmed by the amount of information all at once. As a result of these exercises, your child in grade 4 will be able to gain a whole new set of vocabulary related to social science. Parents can also participate in these activities, making learning fun, interactive, and a good way to spend time together as a family.