Shapes Worksheets For LKG

Shapes are an essential component of early childhood education. Not only do they teach children about the world around them, but they also provide a foundation for future mathematical concepts. At the HP Print Learn Center, we understand the importance of learning shapes, which is why we have developed a comprehensive Shapes worksheet for LKG.

Our shapes worksheets for the LKG class are designed to provide children with a strong foundation in shape recognition and properties, preparing them for more advanced mathematical concepts in the future. By including a variety of exercises that help children recognise, name, and identify different shapes, these LKG shapes worksheets help children develop their cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and creativity.

HP PLC’s Shapes worksheet for LKG includes a variety of activities that are designed to help children learn about shapes. Some of the activities included in the worksheet are:

Shape identification: In this activity, children are shown different shapes and asked to identify them.

Sorting shapes: In this activity, children are given a set of shapes and asked to sort them according to their properties, such as size or colour.

Drawing shapes: In this activity, children are asked to draw different shapes and identify their properties, such as the number of sides.

Matching shapes: In this activity, children are asked to match shapes that are the same size or have the same number of sides.

Counting shapes: In this activity, children are asked to count the number of shapes in a picture.

Some fun-loving and engaging activities included in our LKG shapes worksheets are:

1. Identifying shapes:

For example: With the help of an adult, cut out the names of the shapes along the dotted lines given below and paste them according to the images of the shapes given in the boxes.

2. Creating objects:

For example: Can you create an object using the basic shapes? Draw any shapes to create an animal. An image of a dinosaur is given as a reference.

In addition to the Maths worksheets, our webinars and Youtube channel provide additional resources for parents and educators to support children's learning at home