Animal Worksheets

The study of animals provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge about the scientific classification of living things, anatomy, physiology, behaviour, and ecology. Animals give children a broad understanding of the natural world, the diversity of life on our planet, and the skills and knowledge necessary for future learning.


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The study of animals helps children understand how humans impact the natural world and the role animals play in it. The study of animals could lead to a career in zoology, veterinary medicine, wildlife biology, or conservation for some children interested.  

Animal worksheets from HP Print Learn Center for kids include a variety of fun and engaging activities that help children learn about different species of animals. The animal activity sheets include activities like matching pictures of animals to their names, filling in the blanks to complete descriptions of other species and differentiating wild animals from farm animals.

Through the animal activity sheets, children can learn about the adaptations that animals have developed to help them survive in their habitats, such as camouflage, strong jaws, or webbed feet. With HP PLC's worksheet, kids can colour or draw different animals, create animal masks, or design their own animal habitats. 

These are just a few examples of the types of activities that are included in HP PLC's animal worksheets for kids. By incorporating various activities that appeal to different learning styles, animal worksheets can help children learn about animals in a fun and engaging way.

HP PLC's curriculum is exciting. In order to benefit your child, each of our science worksheets follows the Kumon methodology - designed to increase difficulty little by little as a student progresses from simple knowledge to complex knowledge. Download and print our animal worksheets pdf, and use them as and when your child needs to practise.