Class 4 Technology Worksheets (9-10 Years)

Takers of PLC’s computer worksheets will not be foreign to futuristic concepts such as algorithms, coding, robotics and cryptography. Our computer worksheets for class 4 are relevant to the academic needs of grade 4 children and help them complement their computer knowledge from school. Moreover, it also helps them be street smart and profoundly hands-on with computers from an early age.

Print Learn Center’s computer worksheet for class 4 helps 10-year-old students be thorough and confident while dealing with computers. Practising with our exercises helps them understand all about computers. Through the content in our portal, parents can effectively mentor kids with state-of-the-art teaching strategies. Since most of the activities in our worksheets require logical thinking and creativity, parents can easily identify signs of aptitude and interest children show towards the subject.

PLC’s computer worksheet for class 4 covers topics such as computer architecture, basic coding, and algorithms.  The topics are not exhaustive and are broken into manageable chunks for age 10 students to easily grasp the subject matter. Several computer science concepts are shown to stoke a learner’s storytelling, imagination, logic and creativity. Thus, our worksheets help learners make inroads into these topics at an age when they can think freely without too many structures constraining and limiting them.

Our computer worksheets for class 4 feature exercises follow the Kumon methodology; meaning that they are designed to take students from simple problems to complex problems in very small steps, increasing difficulty a little at a time. Since coding concepts demand the patience of the learner, exercises are extremely interactive and gamified to engage the learner.

We offer printable worksheets that can be used at any time. They can also be used to assess learning gaps in addition to being used as an at-home learning resource. Our printable worksheet will help 10-year-old children complement what they learn at school. Download a pdf of them and fill in the gaps.

Topics Covered In Computer Worksheets For Class 4

With our computer worksheets for grade 4 pdf students dive deep into computer hardware, their applications and more algorithmic concepts. With the students in the penultimate year of their primary schooling, they need to be slowly ushered into serious concepts in computer science. Thus, students can use our worksheets to understand the entire computer ecosystem - hardware, icons, menus, and basic software applications. In addition to intensive teaching at schools, our worksheets enable students to practice and reaffirm their understanding of these concepts with ease.

Here are some of the essential topics covered in the computer worksheets for class 4:

1. Algorithms

The basis of an algorithm is a series of logical steps leading to a goal. Our worksheets simplify the concept of algorithms to children in a way that is not confusing at their age. Thanks to PLC's computer worksheets, kids will be able to grasp the concept in a much better way. Moreover, an understanding of algorithms at such an early age helps students develop pattern recognition and decision-making skills, as well as an understanding of this coding concept. Students can also practice robotics and cryptic maths in the worksheets.

2. Computer Applications

PLC’s computer worksheet for class 4 also features topics in computer hardware, facts, software components, etc. The worksheets help students understand or find out recent applications of computers. Examples of such topics include video conferencing, facts, computer maintenance, etc. Moreover, by practising with computer worksheets for class 4 they can gain hands-on and street-smart skills to use computers.

3. Coding

The computer worksheets for class 4 feature small games and brain teasers that help students practise coding. Smaller activities like ASCII coding, spy code cipher, sequences and unplugged coding, etc., can help students improve their coding skills. Through these activities, students gain to improve their creativity, pattern deduction and decision-making skills.

Activities Included In Computer Worksheets For Class 4

PLC's computer worksheet for class 4 breaks down coding concepts with simple, fun activities. Coding and programming can sometimes be intimidating for students. Using puzzles, riddles, and crosswords in our worksheets helps students better understand coding. You can download our computer worksheets for grade 4 pdf to engage your children in simplified coding and algorithm deciphering activities.

1. Coding

Coding isn’t simply writing in programming languages. It involves a lot of thinking, logical reasoning and creativity. All this is to achieve a result for a particular problem. Coding activities feature in our Algorithms and robot worksheet and programs worksheet. The exercises appear in concepts such as pixel arts, sequencing, binary and hex codes, shift key codes, etc. Through these exercises, students enhance their logical reasoning and decoding skills which will be the base to learn complex programming languages in future.

2. Identify the following

Computers and technology worksheets contain ‘identify the following’ exercises. In this activity, learners will need to recall parts of computers, gadgets, robots and general computer facts. They will also need to identify names for icons, the right use of software applications, etc. Due to the fact that these worksheets must complement their learning, not burden them, these exercises are designed with a lot of context and information appropriate for their age.

3. Robot activities

PLC’s futuristic curriculum also includes activities that teach students to design and understand robots. With many aspects of our life being complemented by machines and artificial intelligence, our computer worksheet for class 4 contains simple exercises to design and understand how robots work. The activities also help students understand and visualise how to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence in their life thus expanding their creativity. Download PLC’s computer worksheets for grade 4 pdf to ensure your children learn and enhance their understanding of cutting-edge concepts in computer science.