Class 3 Maths Worksheets (8-9 Years)

At the age of 8, your child in class 3 will now master the mathematical skills that they acquired in grades 1 and 2. Your child begins to get used to reading and understanding the time format and becomes familiar with four-digit numbers. Print Learn Center’s maths worksheet for class 3 introduces your child to an interactive way of learning and mastering the skills they learn in the classroom.

PLC's maths worksheet for class 3 is an ideal tool for your child to practice new and revise old concepts. The mental maths worksheet for class 3 is easy to download, and the pdf can be used by the third grader whenever they wish.

The PLC website is easy to navigate and provides a variety of learning materials for children and parents alike. Parents of children at age 8 will find the webinars offered by PLC to be an excellent source of information. The webinars are conducted by experts and provide parents with information about their children's developmental milestones. Parents can subscribe to our YouTube channel for daily learning tips and tricks.

Topics covered in the maths worksheet for class 3

This maths practice worksheet for class three covers all the topics taught to your child in grade 3, in addition to a few more co-curricular activities that will ensure your child is engaged in learning in a meaningful way. These printable worksheets, curated by India’s leading educators, are based on the Kumon methodology, which introduces concepts with increasing difficulty so that your child in grade 3 is not overwhelmed by the content. Due to the availability of the pdf for the worksheets on the PLC's website, your child in grade 3 will be able to practice them more than once.

Some of the topics covered in the maths worksheet for class 3 are:

1. Geometry

Mental maths worksheets for class 3 have activities that will help your child learn the basics of geometry. Students will learn and expand their knowledge on a variety of geometry topics through these activities. This set of worksheets covers everything from geometrical shapes and figures to finding areas and perimeters of rectangles, squares, and much more. The pdf of these printable worksheets can be downloaded anytime to provide a flexible learning environment.

2. Arithmetic

PLC’s maths practice worksheets for class 3 cover division, multiplication, addition, subtraction, and number system and makes your child practice these operations in a fun and engaging way. These worksheets cover the academic as well as co-curricular activities, which will help your child to ace the syllabus of grade 3.

3. Measurements

Using PLC’s maths worksheets for class 3, students will get a broad understanding of various units of measurement with respect to length, width, and height. These printable worksheets include easy-to-follow instructions and visual representations to help students in class 3 build strong foundations in the subject area.

Activities included in the maths worksheet for class 3

The interactive mental maths worksheet for class 3 is designed to promote active learning and includes activities that will provide an engaging learning experience for your child in grade 3. Parents will also be able to use these ready-to-download worksheets to determine the level of mathematical ability and skills of their children, as well as to help them work on their weaker areas.

Some of the activities included in the maths worksheet for class 3 are:

1. Puzzles

Puzzle solving is a great way to teach students several important skills such as logic, shape recognition, and critical thinking, among others. The maths practice worksheets for class 3 that PLC has created are filled with puzzle-solving activities that will strengthen your child's essential maths skills while improving their cognitive abilities simultaneously.

2. Word Problems

A child in class 3 should engage in word problem activities as it will provide a strong basis for their basic arithmetic skills to develop. Additionally, they will be able to recognize the information in the problem in their own way and apply their own perspective in finding a solution. There are a variety of problem-solving activities in the maths worksheet for class 3, which can be related to everyday life so that the students will be able to relate to the activities.

3. Conversion

The maths practice worksheets for class 3 is an excellent tool for your child in grade 3 in order to help them learn about converting units of time, weight, currency, and other such things. Having a clear understanding of the concept of conversion is an essential skill for students to master in order to read clocks, measure their travelling distance, and manage their time efficiently. With maths worksheets for class 3, students will have the opportunity to practise unit conversions and word problems that are based on unit conversions in an easy-to-understand manner.