Class 4 Maths Worksheets (9-10 Years)

Children of age 9 need a lot of help navigating academic and emotional issues demanding good parenting and mentorship. This is because their thinking becomes more complex and needs to be nudged in the right direction. It is with these children that Print Learn Center’s Maths worksheet for class 4 finds strong relevance.

Our maths practice worksheets for class 4 are printable and can be worked with anywhere and anytime. When learning becomes a rut, students can also collaborate on these tasks and make learning maths more fun.

PLC’s mental maths worksheets for class 4 are curated based on our state-of-the-art curriculum developed by professionals with expertise in early learning. In order to engage students with subject matter difficulty in small steps, these worksheets are based on the Kumon methodology.

For students of age 9-10, PLC’s printable math worksheets help students revise and reiterate their prior knowledge of arithmetics and help them practice set theory, probability, graphs and statistics. There are also activities to cover daily applications of maths such as weight, time, billing, etc. All activities are included keeping in mind the rigour expected of students as they approach middle school. Download our printable maths worksheet for class 4 pdf to engage your children’s numeric skills in a fun and interactive manner.

Topics Covered In Maths Worksheet For Class 4

Our printable worksheet on maths for class 4 is informed majorly by three topics - arithmetic, geometry, and everyday maths. Arithmetic worksheets cover fundamental concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and daily mathematical applications such as weight measurements, billing, and time. Our geometry worksheets deal with basic concepts such as identifying shapes and sizes. Download our maths worksheet for class 4 pdf and enable your kids to ace grade 4 mathematics.


In our mental maths worksheet for class 4, week 1 kicks off with the study of shapes. Geometry concepts in class 4 deal with identifying the right shapes in any given context. Learners are given exercises to first identify what each shape is. This is to refurbish their basics. As we proceed to the bottom of the worksheet, students are given exercises to work with geometric transformation, reflections, etc. Students are also taught to plot shapes with the corresponding coordinates.


Arithmetics deals with foundational mathematics. In our maths worksheet for class 4, students are exposed to basic arithmetic concepts but in a more advanced manner. Students are asked to work with numbers of greater value and multiple expressions as opposed to their earlier years. In addition to evaluating numbers along with corresponding expressions, children are asked to practice word problems to assess how well the student has understood arithmetic concepts.

Everyday Maths

Everyday maths deals with concepts such as the Venn diagram, probability, time, weight, billing, etc. Aside from learning arithmetics, students need to be aware of mathematical problems they face on a daily basis. A child of age 9 should be well adept at figuring out time, bills, and weights on their own. The topics covered are aimed at making the learner more street smart.

Exercises Covered In Maths Worksheet For Class 4

PLC’s printable maths worksheet for class 4 contains plenty of exercises for grade 4 students to have fun while learning their mathematics. Several exercises invite students to draw, colour, and think critically, and thus they are made to apply their learnings in an interactive manner. Although probability and Venn diagrams may be a bit challenging for grade 4, PLC helps children face these concepts with extremely simple and novice exercises that are effective but not exhaustive. The worksheet also exposes students to graphs and statistics at a fundamental level through plotting the coordinate exercises.

Complete the shapes

“Complete the shapes” exercises appear in most places in the geometry worksheet. These exercises make learning maths concepts a bit less intimidating. Our maths practice worksheets for class 4 gives learners a half-baked context so that students find completing shapes less intimidating and are more motivated to participate in learning geometry.

Find the missing value

Our maths practice worksheets for class 4 provide students with practice to find the missing number to think critically as opposed to merely applying procedures and formulas to learn arithmetics. They also learn to identify patterns in a given arithmetic context when they find out a missing value in a sequence of numbers. Practising this is quite useful as these exercises appear in various aptitude tests in later stages of their life.

Word problems

Word problems expose students to real-world-like mathematical scenarios and enable them to develop formulas and calculate the value by understanding the context. They are some of the earliest precursors to gamifying mathematical concepts to engage students to learn better. Word problems are present in many places in the arithmetic and everyday mathematics worksheets. Many concepts such as probability, Venn diagrams, and fundamental mathematics are presented to students as word problems in PLC’s maths practice worksheet for class 4.

What is the value of the objects

Maths can be made extremely fun with exercises that mirror daily life applications. The grade 4 maths worksheet pdf, which deals with everyday maths, contains exercises that assign weight to a few objects and prompt the students to calculate the weight of an object which is unassigned. Since grade 4 students would easily meet these scenarios in their daily life, these exercises are highly effective in making the student think of ways to assess the weight of objects.