Class 3 Technology Worksheets (8-9 Years)

It is no surprise that parents like you are familiar with IT and the career opportunities in the field. Age 9 Students who have practised with worksheets in their previous classes wouldn’t need any introduction to the world of computers as well. Early exposure to computer science is essential for 9-year-old children to capitalise on a lucrative field.

Print Learn Center’s computer worksheets for grade 3 are uniquely designed for students to feel at ease when learning about computers. Through the content in our portal, parents are able to learn new teaching strategies to mentor their children and help them become interested in computer science.

Our computer worksheet for class 3 covers topics such as computer architecture, basic coding, and algorithms.  Because these topics are broken down into smaller concepts, class 3 students can easily practice and learn them. From these topics, students develop logical aptitude as they progress with more complex topics.

Our computer worksheets for grade 3 feature exercises follow the Kumon methodology; meaning that they are designed to take students from simple problems to complex problems in very small steps, increasing difficulty a little at a time. The exercises are interactive and stoke children’s recollection.

We offer printable worksheets that can be used at any time. They can also be used to assess learning gaps in addition to being used as an at-home learning resource. Our computer worksheets for grade 3 will help children complement what they learn at school. Download a pdf of them and fill in the gaps.

Topics Covered In Computer Worksheets For Class 3

As mentioned before, our computer worksheet for class 3 has both computer and coding concepts. A deeper view will suggest that PLC’s curriculum covers a wide range of coding topics such as debugging, algorithms, computer parts, technological gadgets, computer architecture, coding, cryptography, graphics, etc. As students advance in their learning, they will have the opportunity to explore more advanced topics. Our printable computer worksheets for grade 3 pdf ensure age 9 students deal with foundational level concepts of algorithms and coding, which are apt for their age.

Here are some of the essential topics covered in the computer worksheets for class 3:

1. Algorithms

Algorithms are nothing but a series of logical steps towards an end. Our worksheets use real-life entities to explain an algorithm process. For example, students are required to design a series of steps to baking a cake, plan a picnic, etc.  PLC’s computer worksheets for grade 3, kids will be able to understand the concept in a much better way. Students gain not only an understanding of this coding concept but also develop pattern recognition and decision-making skills. Students can also practice learning about robots, pixel arts, and crypto arithmetics in this worksheet.

2. Computer Applications

Computer applications and architecture are a bulk part of our curriculum. Students can enhance their understanding of computer hardware and its applications. Hardware aside, students also practice their understanding of software applications such as icons, shortcuts and keyboard controls, etc.

3. Coding

Our computer worksheets for class 3 help students practice coding with small game-like activities and brain teasers. Students can better their aptitude for coding by engaging in smaller activities such as ASCII coding, coding deciphering, unplugged coding, etc. Moreover, since coding requires continuous practice and thinking, students develop patience, resilience and persistence.

Activities Included In Computer Worksheets For Class 3

In an effort to break down coding concepts, PLC's computer worksheet for class 3 contains activities that are easy to understand and fun. Coding and programming can sometimes be intimidating for students. In order to help age 9 students better understand coding, our worksheets include interactive exercises such as puzzles, riddles, and crosswords. To engage your children with simplified coding and algorithm deciphering activities, download our computer worksheets for grade 3 pdf.

1. Coding

Coding involves a variety of aspects (writing code, creating a physical object, comparing them to see how they work, searching for new information to resolve a problem) while still setting a clear task to accomplish. Coding activities feature in our Algorithms, Crypts & Robotics worksheet and coding programs worksheet. Students are asked to work on finding missing numbers, converting code into texts, deciphering hidden patterns, etc.

2. Identify the following

We have incorporated the following exercises into our computers and technology worksheets. It involves recalling parts of computers, gadgets, and robots. They are given diagrams, crosswords, and sentences in which they identify the components of the diagrams, crosswords, and sentences. These exercises are apt for their age given that these worksheets must complement the student’s learning and not burden them.

3. Fill ups

Fill in the blanks exercises feature in our computer worksheets for class 3 concerning computer architecture, gadgets and software applications. Students can practice their in-school learning of computer applications and hardware by looking at diagrams and sentences that talk about applications while students identify the missing letters, computer parts, icons, etc. Download our printable computer worksheets for grade 3 pdf to engage your children with these activities.