Class 6 English Worksheets (11-12 Years)

Age 11-12 is an exciting time for your children. Some switch schools, and some don’t, but every one of them enters a new era of schooling. They’d have to give their jovial lives a miss and enter into more rigorous learning methods. Although they’d be learning subjects and concepts that are derived from the foundational concepts they engaged in their primary schooling, some topics can feel entirely new.

Print Learn Center’s English worksheet for class 6 covers a wide breadth of concepts appropriate for the learning levels of 12-year-old kids. Our printable worksheets are based on the Kumon methodology, designed to take students from simple to complex problems in very small steps, increasing difficulty a little at a time. Our grade 6 English worksheets pdf are colourful and interactive. Through our exciting activities, they aid the development of the academic and extracurricular skills of the learner.

Our English worksheet for class 6 deals with topics around grammar, comprehension, vocabulary, and books. Takers of our grade 6 English worksheets already have a good understanding of these topics. Our pdf worksheets help learners practice these concepts at their own pace. Since they are printable, learners can practice these pdf worksheets without any supervision. They can also carry them anywhere and collaborate with friends to make learning fun and engaging.

The exercises in PLC’s English worksheet for class 6 are designed by India’s leading experts in children's education. The activities are small and manageable, eliminating any exhaustive effort from the student. Download our English worksheet for class 6 pdf to make learning fun for your children.

Topics Covered In English Worksheets For Class 6

In a broader sense, PLC’s printable English worksheets for class 6 cover grammar, vocabulary, composition, and reading. This holistic curriculum strengthens your children’s command of the language and helps them approach the subject confidently. A deeper view would reveal that the worksheets allow students to deal with concepts such as articles, verbs, adjectives, advanced reading, idioms, vocabulary, etc.

Here are some of the essential topics covered in the English worksheet for class 6::

1. Grammar

Learners can practice concepts such as verbs, auxiliary verbs, adjectives, and pronouns with our English worksheet for class 6. As learners progress to higher levels of schooling, their sentence structures and word choices cannot appear to be amateur. Our grammar worksheets help students spend more time with grammatical concepts after schooling. With many activities gamified in the worksheet, students can make learning grammar fun and exciting.

2. Books & reading

Good reading skills can help students better understand their life outside school through all the extracurricular reading material they’d imbibe. PLC’s curriculum encourages learners to read books and test their mettle with our exercises. Download our English worksheet for class 6 pdf to engage your kids with light reading activities.

3. Vocabulary

Students require more sophisticated vocabulary as they move on to higher levels of learning. Vocabulary exercises in our worksheets aren’t too exhaustive. Students are prompted to enhance their vocabulary by small activities like using new words in a sentence, learning idioms, changing sentences, crossword puzzles, etc.

4. Composition & Comprehension

Composition and comprehension improve a learner's ability to think critically about a given context and develop good writing skills. Students of class 6 must not only understand prose effectively, but must also quickly absorb advanced concepts in science, history, and other subjects. They must also be able to articulate their thoughts in long-form essays as well. Download our printable English worksheets for class 6 pdf to develop your children’s writing and verbal reasoning skills.

Activities Included In English Worksheets For Class 6

Many activities in our English worksheets for class 6 are small and non-painstaking exercises. They strive to stimulate your children’s creativity without too much effort and judgement. For example, students are also given prompt words to develop articles where the prompts act as directions to frame their story. Such engaging activities make learning painless and prompt the children to want more.

1. Think & Write

Think and write exercises feature in our grammar worksheet to help a learner recall the application of adverbs, adjectives, articles, word choices, etc. Our grade 6 English worksheets contain many exercises that give a sentence, prompt the student to judge the meaning of the sentence and fill it with the correct grammatical device.

2. Book reviewing

Reviewing books is another activity students are engaged in within our English worksheets for class 6. Providing students with a set of these exercises encourages students to critically interpret books and hidden meanings.

3. Rewrite the following

“Rewrite the following” exercises, similar to think and write exercises, and encourage students to practice their understanding of grammatical concepts and apply them in sentences. These exercises feature in our grade 6 English worksheets concerning vocabulary.

4. Writing exercises

Our printable worksheets feature plenty of letter writing, essay writing, prompt writing, reflective writing exercises, etc. This is to expose students to a wide variety of formal and creative writing concepts. Letter writing exercises include a wide variety of scenarios to check how students perceive a variety of situations and communicate their needs in such situations.