UKG Worksheets (5-6 Years)

Children become more independent by this time and like making small decisions, such as choosing what clothes to wear or what to eat for lunch. Your 5-6 year old will likely be able to exhibit much more self-control than a toddler, and most children at this age will be able to sit in a classroom for long periods while listening to their teachers. However, a child of this age is still learning to regulate their emotions, and they can have meltdowns over even the smallest of things. Read more

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For this age group, experts at Print Learn Center have focused on creating downloadable pdf worksheets for ukg that will help your kids express themselves through various exercises. At this age, they will learn how to spell their name, tell time, recognize routines, recognize shapes, perform 3 digit calculations, and even start spelling three-four letter words with the help of the ukg worksheets pdf.

Our Kumon-based kg2 class worksheets will ensure the child moves forward with progressive levels of difficulty.

Subjects Included In PLC UKG Worksheet

Your child will learn a range of academic and life skills by the end of UKG. They will be able to identify letters in their correct order, sort objects by attributes, and count to 100. They will communicate more effectively using 4-5 word sentences, retell stories with expressive words, communicate their needs, talk about school and follow simple instructions. Ukg class worksheets are designed to help your child understand and internalise various lessons learned at school. Download & Print worksheets for ukg by PLC promote active learning and raise the student's interest levels thanks to a wide array of activities included in each week's worksheet set. Print as many copies of pdf worksheets as needed by your child to internalise concepts.

UKG English Worksheets

Between ages 5 and 6, your kid will be able to construct five-word sentences, know the names of fruits and vegetables, identify different modes of transportation, recite simple poems, and do many more activities. In addition, the ukg english worksheets will help them learn articles, body parts, tools, singular and plural, and more. Our experts have designed engaging printable worksheets for ukg in a way that helps build a strong foundation of the language.

Ukg Maths Worksheets

Most 6 year olds count up to 30 and can associate up to objects to the numeral. They can also count by 10s - 10, 20, 30…100. They start grouping objects according to their attributes like size, shape, colour, etc.  With brain teasers or simple maths puzzles, you can help your child understand the basics of mathematical concepts. India's leading early-age educationalists have designed maths worksheets for class ukg pdf that help your child build a strong foundation in numbers.

Science UKG Worksheets

A vital part of the learning process is to teach students how to use their five senses to experience the world around them. As part of their learning experience, they need to take a look at plant life cycles and schematic units such as community helpers, seasons, animals and the environment, making connections to real life situations and learning from them. Our ukg science worksheets will help your child to understand the aspects of life around them.

Featured Activities Worksheets For UKG

Art, writing, blocks, puzzles, games, role play, listening, and story reading are all included in our activity worksheets for ukg. The freedom children have during this time is crucial for their social development since it allows them to further develop friendships, practice problem-solving skills, and develop their individual strengths and talents. Word searches, matching the pairs, sorting the odd one out, finding the missing items, finger painting, hand painting, sand painting, and many more activities will engage your children in active learning. Through various physical activities like some team and water sports, the child will learn such skills at an early age.

Art and Craft Worksheet for UKG

Art and craft worksheets for 5 yr olds that inspire them to explore their creative side. These fun worksheets for 5 year olds are a great way to keep your kids meaningfully engaged and make them learn important lessons. The printable worksheets for kg2 will help your kids express themselves through various exercises.

Story Reading and Activities Worksheet for UKG

Reading stories and reciting rhymes daily allow students to develop an appreciation for language. They help the children be more imaginative while refining their own storytelling skills. PLC’s activity worksheet for ukg includes word searches, matching the pairs, sorting the odd one out, finding the missing items, finger painting, hand painting, sand painting, and many more activities will engage your children in active learning.

Tracing and Puzzles Worksheet for UKG

Tracing worksheets are incredibly beneficial for improving fine motor skills in your child. It's an effective way to teach kids basic shapes and alphabets and improve their handwriting. We can pair the ukg tracing worksheets with different mediums like pencils, crayons, and markers to boost creativity in every subject.