Class 6 Science Worksheets (11-12 Years)

Now that your child has graduated from primary school, they need to level up their rational thinking and understanding of the sciences. Class 6 science exposes students to more new branches of science. Students learn more advanced concepts in middle school, and the concepts they learn between the age of 11-12 ease them into more complicated topics.

Class 6 is also the year of more complex feelings and thinking about friendships and social life. Print Learn Center’s science worksheets for grade 6 help students practice these concepts at home in their own time. By bettering their academic side, students can also boost their confidence. Our worksheets are designed using the Kumon methodology, where exercises are broken into small, manageable chunks. This motivates students to take up learning these activities more often, unlike standardised tests, which put them to judgement and criticism.

On the surface level, our printable science worksheets for grade 6 cover biology, human anatomy, physics, and general science. Our worksheets introduce these concepts to class 6 students so they don't feel burdened with these topics.

Our colourful and interactive worksheets can teach science with a more hands-on approach. Our science worksheets for grade 6 feature exercises and activities that strive to better a student’s understanding of the aforementioned topic. Besides helping students have fun, such a pragmatic approach can also help retain these concepts in the long run. Download a pdf of our class 6 science worksheets to make learning better for your children.

Topics Covered In Science Worksheets For Grade 6

PLC’s curriculum ensures that children get exposure to appropriate concepts for their age and intellectual levels. Suggested by experts in early learning, our class 6 science worksheets cover topics such as matter, experiments, human anatomy, major body systems, gardening, solar system, etc. Although, for the onlooker, these topics may be exhaustive, topics are structured and broken down into small concepts. This allows students to not be intimidated by the subject matter.

Here are some of the essential topics covered in the Science worksheet for grade 6::


Broadly speaking, physics is the study of objects, their constituents and movement. Our class 6 science worksheets provide exercises to practice their understanding of electricity, matter and experimental sciences. These topics lay the foundation for more advanced topics in their middle schooling. Since these topics are broken into smaller activities, students can quickly grasp these concepts.

Biology concepts

Our biology worksheets deal with topics such as the digestive system, body movements, bodily functions, diseases, diet, etc. These concepts help students further their understanding of the human body and prepare them to face more biology jargon in the coming years.

Biology body

Our science worksheets for class 6 deal with biology and walk children through various nuances of the human body. Students can practise their understanding of what they learn in school with our printable worksheets. Parents can also gauge their children’s interest in the topic as it may lead to more lucrative careers. Moreover, learning more about the human body is believed to increase a child’s knowledge of other concepts such as nutrition and diet, giving them more awareness on how to take care of themselves.

General science concepts

General science expands a child’s view of science. Our science-concept worksheets help students practice their understanding of topics such as solar systems, the animal and plant kingdom, etc. The topic also prompts students to perform small kitchen experiments so they can further seal their understanding of basic science.

Activities Included In Science Worksheets For Grade 6

PLC’s printable worksheets feature lots of fun and exciting activities to encourage students to engage with science more often. With a career in the STEM field being one of the most lucrative ones, activities in our science worksheets for grade 6 strive to firmly ground young learners in basic concepts.


Crossword puzzles are one of the age-old yet exciting activities to help learners test their aptitude in the subject matter. Crossword puzzles feature in our physics, biology body, and biology concepts worksheets. In most cases, students are given a clue to finding a body part, a natural phenomenon or a hidden nutrient. By simplifying these concepts into crosswords, students face less pressure to understand these topics.

Fill the blanks

“Fill the blanks” exercises appear across all of our class 6 science worksheets with answers. Students are asked to work through the context of a given sentence to find and fill in the right answer. By giving them most of the information and requiring them to find the missing piece, students can learn what a particular phenomenon, concept or body means in the bigger picture.

Kitchen experiments

Students can take kitchen experiments through our science worksheets for grade 6. Our science-concepts worksheet contains a series of activities where students can do small and safe experiments to kindle their curiosity. By observing their interest, parents can also understand their kids’ passion for the sciences and offer them direction for their careers. Download our class 6 science worksheets with answers to engage your kids with these fun experiments.