Class 5 Maths Worksheets (10-11 Years)

Class 5 is the advent of the end of primary school. As each day passes, students must strengthen their foundations to have a seamless learning experience in their middle school. Moreover, grade 5 also marks an inevitable end to more carefree learning styles. This means that students will be put through more structured learning and introduced to basic concepts of what they will be learning in class 6.

Print Learn Center’s maths worksheet for class 5 enables students to waive these subjects’ exhaustion and make learning maths more fun. Our curriculum covers all the necessary topics required for a student of age 11 that can help them to meet more niche and complex topics in their coming years. Worksheets are based on the Kumon methodology; - worksheets are designed to take students from simple problems to complex problems in very small steps, increasing difficulty a little at a time.

Our printable mental maths worksheet for class 5 ensures students can practice mathematical topics that they have already been taught before. Broadly speaking, the worksheets contain exercises to practice arithmetic and the everyday application of mathematics.

The exercises that feature in our printable maths worksheet for class 5 also ensure that students can practice these topics in manageable chunks. Designed by experts in early learning, activities in the worksheet make sure that students do not exhaust their energy but feel more motivated and confident in solving these problems.

Download our mental maths worksheet grade 5 to allow your children to practice maths exercises anytime they want. Parents can access our array of webinars and video content to better the way they understand their child’s aptitude, interests, and skills. Parents can use our webinars to educate themselves on how they can teach their children and guide them to seriously follow their interests.

Topics Covered In Maths Worksheet For Class 5

As suggested earlier, PLC’s maths practice worksheet for class 5 covers topics about arithmetic and everyday mathematical applications. A deeper view will reveal that our worksheets cover fundamental arithmetic - addition, subtraction, fractions - and concepts such as time, weight, Venn diagrams, probability, etc. These topics are still maintained for grade 5 students to gain a strong grounding in these concepts so that they can deal with more advanced concepts derived from these fundamentals in the future.

Here are some of the essential topics covered in the maths worksheet for class 5:

1. Arithmetic

Arithmetic is the branch of maths that deals with the sum, differences, fractions, integers, etc. Our grade 5 maths worksheet pdf introduces these concepts with bigger numbers and more advanced expressions. This helps students to master arithmetic and gain full confidence in the subject matter. Students can also practice more advanced number systems through our exercises for integers.

2. Everyday Maths

PLC’s everyday maths curriculum enables students to revisit and practise mathematical concepts they use in their daily lives. Through a series of exciting activities, our maths worksheets grade 5 enable students to practise understanding time, measuring weight, understanding sets, probability, statistics, etc. These topics set the base for those who will go on to learn more nuanced concepts in physics, astronomy, etc. Moreover, these topics are gamified into crossword puzzles for students to engage with the topic better. Using our printable mental maths worksheets for class 5, students can also collaborate with their friends to find the right answers.

Activities Included In Maths Worksheet For Class 5

PLC’s maths practice worksheet for class 5 contains activities that simplify several challenging concepts into simple and enjoyable tasks. Exercises such as mind teasers, Crossword puzzles, word problems, and set theory are a few activities that feature in our worksheet.

Download our grade 5 maths worksheet pdf to engage your kids with fun numeric activities.

1. Mind teasers

Arithmetic concepts are gamified with mind teasers prompting children to be more inquisitive and to think critically. These mind teasers take the form of word problems and expressions, offering learners an experience equaling treasure hunts. Such problems are good for collaborative activities as well. With our mental maths worksheet grade 5, it becomes easy for parents to nudge their children towards education.

2. Crosswords and puzzles

Crossword puzzles feature in our arithmetic worksheets of our grade 5 maths worksheet pdf. Students are given specific textual instructions to solve these puzzles in these activities. In one instance, students are given a complex problem to practice and groom their statistical skills. Another exercise uses Sudoku to enable the learner to practice their logical thinking. Working through puzzle-like activities gives learners many benefits such as improved social skills, vocabulary skills, divergent thinking, enhanced instincts, etc.

3. Word problems

Word problems are number-based exercises that help students to relate to similar real-life scenarios and solutions for the same. This helps parents and teachers to understand if their children have understood the application of arithmetic concepts and apply them as required.

4. Measure the weight

PLC’s mental maths worksheet for class 5 also contains activities for students to practice their understanding of weights and balances. Students have prescribed five activities in the worksheet where they are encouraged to calculate the weight of objects by finding differences between the weights of objects.