Class 6 Worksheets (11-12 Years)

Most children will have developed a strong command of language and communication skills at this age. Proverbs and idioms won't escape their understanding anymore because they're able to think beyond literal interpretations. Probably, you'll encounter your first instance of sarcasm. Furthermore, they will now be able to understand both the tone and actual language used in a conversation.  Read more

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Our printable worksheet for class 6 includes the development of deductive reasoning skills, improved memory, logical thinking, organisational skills, and impulse control.

Subjects Included In PLC Worksheet for class 6

PLC's worksheets for class 6 can be a valuable tool to help your 11-12-year-old child study. They can provide structure and organisation and help to keep your child's learning on track. Additionally, printable worksheets pdf for grade 6 can provide a way for you to assess your child's understanding of the material. If they are unsure about a concept, you can use a worksheet to check for the gaps and give them additional practice where needed. Worksheets also keep them meaningfully engaged in their learning, which can help to prevent boredom and distractions. Finally, using worksheets can help your child develop good study habits that they can use throughout their academic career.

English Worksheets For Class 6

At this stage, your age 11 kids will have their own opinion on subjects around them, and when it comes to writing or talking about them, they will be able to contribute their thoughts. English worksheets for class 6 include creative writing, compositions, and comprehensions, idioms, adverbs, synonyms, prepositions, verbs, adjectives, reading, and more. Have your grade 6 kid talk in English, read out stories, and even make their own stories with the help of cue cards.

Maths Worksheets For Class 6

Your pre-teen will be able to solve word problems and start using their knowledge in real-world situations. They will easily be able to add, divide, multiply and subtract items on the spot. The offered Maths worksheets, including SET theories, probability, decimals, and statistics, will help your child understand mathematical concepts that are now very much a part of their curriculum.

Science Worksheets For Class 6

At this age, your child is mature enough to be able to carry out scientific inquiry and investigation on their own. A number of topics that were taught at a surface level earlier on are now being explored at a more in-depth level. There are differences between human actions that benefit nature and those which harm it. Your grade 6 kid now understands the difference between the two. As you watch them, you will find that they are constantly gathering information on topics such as space, science experiments, science pranks, nature, animals, and a variety of other topics. As your child learns about science, he or she will benefit from our science worksheet for class 6 pdf which demonstrates different science experiments in order to deepen their understanding of the subject.

Types Of Activities Worksheets For Class 6

To impart critical life skills to age 11 kids, experts at Print Learn Center have curated and created ingenious brain games and skills worksheets, and lessons to help them along the way. There are a variety of PDF worksheets that you can download and have your child use such as empathy and feelings, health & wellness, journal entries, entrepreneurship, and others to ensure his or her holistic development. To encourage mental exercise, brain-teasers and puzzles have also been added to our printable worksheets. 


This year, help your child develop an interest in one of the noblest and most exciting hobbies - gardening. Students learn about what they can compost, garden tools they need, how to sow seeds, as well as rainwater harvesting. They will also get a chance to design their own garden with their imagination and inspiration. 

Rebus puzzles

There are tons of rebus puzzles for class 6 kids to solve when you download PLC pdf worksheets. A rebus is a riddle or puzzle made up of letters, pictures, and symbols whose names sound like the syllables and words of a phrase or sentence/ idiom. Rebus puzzles can be written using different styles - pictograms, phonograms, emojis, symbols, positioning of words, etc. It promotes a child’s cognitive and logical thinking skills.

Art And Craft

There are numerous art and craft activities included in our pdf worksheets for class 6 that will allow young learners to explore their creativity and develop their artistic abilities, including calligraphy and painting techniques, and much more. As they explore their interest in painting, sketching, and crafting worksheets, they will become more comfortable with the art process and develop muscle memory.