Nursery Maths Worksheets (3-4 Years)

Nursery kids onset their maths learning with foundational concepts that will build the base for more complex topics in the future. These basic concepts will help them throughout their lives, whatever career they choose for themselves. It’s important to make sure the kids internalise these concepts and not memorise them so make sure to provide plenty of printable worksheets to practice as well as give hands-on activities. The nursery worksheets are ideal for your toddlers to practice their newly acquired learning skills.

Print Learn Center’s printable Maths worksheets for nursery class provide a fun and engaging way for kids to learn these important concepts. These printable worksheets help kids develop essential maths skills in a way that is both enjoyable and effective.

India's leading educators have created these worksheets for nursery Maths based on the Kumon methodology which has proven to be an effective way of teaching maths. Kumon focuses on helping students understand concepts rather than simply memorising formulas by dividing complex ideas into smaller chunks of lessons taught at an incremental level of difficulty.

Topics Covered In Maths Worksheets For Nursery Class

In maths, age 3 students learn the numbers 1-10. They also learn to identify and name shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles. Additionally, they learn the concept of counting and begin to develop basic addition and subtraction skills. PLC’s printable nursery Maths worksheets pdf can be downloaded as many times as needed for your child to internalise the concepts. Make sure to use these printable worksheets to assess your child’s progress and provide them with the help they need. If you have trouble teaching a concept, check out our training videos where experts share insightful tips on various topics coupled with additional downloadable practice worksheets.

Here are some of the essential topics covered in the Maths worksheet for nursery kids:

1. Numbers

Number worksheets for age 3 maths include learning 1-20, counting,

Exercise like finding missing numbers, writing before and after numbers, tracing, colouring, following the number to get through the maze, and more are all part of PLC’s Maths worksheets for nursery class pdf. This variety of exercises ensures students get enough practice and can apply their learnings in different situations. For insightful tips on how you can teach maths to your kindergartner at home, check out our training videos created by our expert educators.

2. Shapes

Nursery students will learn to identify shapes like circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, stars, hearts and more, associate them with daily objects and draw them. Activities like matching the shape with an object, picking the odd one out, creating objects with paper cuttings, colouring, and tracing are included in the shapes worksheet for nursery Maths. Once they learn how to draw shapes, they will also draw objects like a house, candies, a joker, and more with our printable worksheets.

3. Comparison

It’s important for age 3 kids to learn the vocabulary of maths topics so that they can navigate through the terms easily. Learning comparison provides just that as comparison worksheets teach new vocabulary and help students learn how to compare something based on an attribute. With PLC’s online Maths worksheet for nursery kids will learn to identify whether the object(s) is heavy or light, tall or short, hard or soft, more or less, big or small, and more.

4. Patterns

Learning how to identify patterns helps nursery kids get a grasp on sequential thinking. It also helps them understand how to make predictions. These skills are important in both maths and reading. In maths, patterns can help kids understand concepts such as addition and subtraction. In reading, patterns can help kids predict what will happen next in a story. PLC's downloadable worksheets for nursery Maths have several pattern activities for students to master this concept.

Activities Included In Maths Worksheets For Nursery Class

Fun activities make learning easy and engaging. PLC’s printable maths worksheets make learning maths a breeze for students with exciting activities like cut-paste, colouring, tracing, matching, and more.

1. Tracing

Tracing activity helps children to work on their fine motor skills and learn the correct form of letter or number.  It also helps them to identify the directionality of letters and numbers. These are important skills that are necessary for legible writing. PLC’s printable nursery Maths worksheets pdf has several tracing exercises for students to work on their form.

2. Say The Number

A combination of saying out aloud as well as writing down is a proven way to retain information. Say the number activity is built on an incremental level of complexity where characters named Mini and his brother are playing a game of saying the next number and eventually the whole family joins. This is a fun activity from PLC’s number worksheet for nursery Maths which can be also played live with family members.

 3. Number book

Making a number book is a fun exercise curated by our expert educators. Parents help students cut the objects around dotted lines. Children then paste objects that match the given number and tada, the number book of 1 to 9 is now ready. Children can use their own notebooks to practice numbers 1-9 over and over again. PLC’s printable nursery Maths worksheets pdf are loaded with such interesting and fun activities for your children to learn maths.

4. Before-After

Before-After is a timeless exercise for children to learn the sequence of numbers and alphabets. Children are given a number and asked to write what comes before and after the number. PLC’s printable Maths worksheet for nursery kids has several such exercises for your child to practice. If you are facing issues teaching your child, attend our webinars to learn tips and tricks from India’s leading educators.

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