Class 6 Maths Worksheets (11-12 Years)

Children at the age of 11 can strengthen their previous skills along with being introduced to new mathematical concepts. They have reached an age where they can solve complex number problems and appropriately use decimals and fractions. Print Learn Center’s maths worksheet for class 6 consists of exercises and activities ideal for your child in class 6. These printable worksheets help your child in mastering concepts like algebra and integers. The maths worksheet for class 6 with a solution will also help you assess your child’s interest and development in mathematics.

Maths worksheet for class 6 is designed by India’s leading educators keeping your child’s holistic development in mind. The mental maths worksheet for class 6 follows the Kumon methodology. The activities are sequentially placed in the worksheet with increasing difficulty so that your child in grade 6 is not overwhelmed with all the information. The pdf of the maths worksheet for class 6 is available on the PLC website, making it easy to download so that the students can practice the concepts as often as needed.

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Topics covered in maths worksheet for class 6

There is a gradual development of students' understanding of and application of the mathematical language of symbols and equations in class 6. The maths worksheet for class 6 comprises topics related to complex numbers, numbers, addition, subtraction, and more. Topics are aligned with what students learn in the classroom so that your child in grade 6 is always ahead with their learning.

Some of the topics covered in maths worksheet for class 6 are:

1. Geometry

Geometry in grade 6 is based on basic two and three-dimensional shapes. Hence, the mental maths worksheet for class 6 aims to impart a fundamental understanding of necessary 2-D and 3-D shapes. The activities in maths worksheet for class 6 also include exercises that will help your child to understand symmetry and recognise it in their surroundings.

2. Algebra

In grade 6, your child is introduced to Algebra. With the help of maths worksheet for class 6 with solution, your child will be able to perform subtraction and addition of algebraic expressions. These printable worksheets can be downloaded as pdf and used for your child’s practice whenever they wish.

3. Decimal and Fraction

Decimals and fractions are an important topic in class 6 maths. Students must understand this important concept precisely through practical examples and pictorial representation, for which PLC’s maths worksheet for class 6 is the ideal resource. These worksheets follow a structured learning path while introducing your child to new concepts and activities.

Activities included in maths worksheet for class 6

It is important to reinforce concepts in Class 6 maths to strengthen the basic skills. By using interactive maths worksheets for class 6, parents can promote the development of these skills. Learning concepts through interactive worksheets is highly beneficial since they provide a visual representation of those concepts. Because of their engaging format, children in grade 6 will be more interested in maths when they use PLC’s interactive worksheet for maths class 6.

Some of the activities included in maths worksheet for class 6 are:

1. Match the Romans

You can find this exercise in our maths worksheet for class 6 pdf. In this activity, your child will learn about roman numerals or numbers, which will assist them in becoming more familiar with them, and the students can practice identifying roman numerals and their values and matching them with the right numbers.

2. Data handling

Mathematical skills such as histogram, pictograph, and box-plots are essential to students in the 6th class as part of their learning journey. With the help of a mental maths worksheet for class 6, students will learn how to interpret, analyse, and represent data. As a resource for parents, these printable worksheets can also be used to assess the mathematical abilities of their children.

3. Quiz

Mathematics quizzes are among the most engaging activities your child can participate in. The maths worksheet for class 6 is filled with many quizzes for your child to solve. These quizzes will motivate and encourage your child of age 11 to become more attentive, active, and enhance their critical thinking.