Class 5 Worksheets (10-11 Years)

Change is a big part of being ten years old. As children approach adolescence, there are significant challenges and delights to be discovered. Expect to get on a wild ride of emotional and physical development in your age 10 pre-teens. They will develop better decision-making skills as they start considering themselves "adults" by age 10. At the same time, they will also question your decisions and advice and come up with conclusions interpreted from their own experiences. This period is essential for the family; it's time to renew and establish a new connection with your age 10 - 11 children.  Read more

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Our experts at Print Learn Center have carefully planned and curated printable worksheets for class 5 that keep them on the toes with challenges. Through these worksheets, your children will learn important topics like coding, fine arts, drama, states of India, budgeting, global culture, and more. 

Subjects Included In PLC Worksheet For Class 5

A 10-11-year-old should be learning basic maths, arithmetic, banking and budgeting, geometry, and patterns. They should learn grammar, sentence structure, and reading comprehension in English. In Science, they should focus on Earth science, chemistry, and biology. Social studies worksheets might cover topics such as history, geography, or civics. There are also printable worksheets available for other life skills, art and craft, puzzles and brain games, and technology. PLC's worksheets for class 5 cover everything they should know by the end of grade 5.

English Worksheet For Class 5

With the PLC's English language worksheet for class 5 kids, your pre-teens will be introduced to essential poetry, story writing, comic book making, compositions, comprehensions, creative writing, and more. They will also learn how to read a book and write a book review. With the English worksheet class 5, we cover the parts of speech like verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, interjections, conjunctions and writing correct sentences, with the emphasis on improving the quality of writing and avoiding common errors as well. In addition, our synonyms & antonyms worksheets for 11 plus years are fun and engaging for your kids.

Maths Worksheet For Class 5

By this year, your age 10 child is now able to understand complex mathematical calculations and even get aware of financial literacy. Printable pdf worksheets with profit & loss can be a great start to making your child understand basic finance. With our class 5 Maths practice worksheets pdf your child can practice mathematical equations, place values, rounding, fractions and decimals which will prepare them in a fun and interactive way with the help of puzzles and questions.

Science Worksheet For Class 5

Class 5 science worksheets will be an interesting adventure for your kids to explore. With topics like Simple Machines, Energy, Sound, and Light, astronomy, and more. Through experiments and scientific questioning, your child will learn the importance of science in the general scheme of things. PLC science worksheets come with exciting activities and projects to give your child the boost of confidence they need.

Types Of Activities Worksheets For Class 5

The transition to middle school is often fraught with learning speed bumps due to the challenging curriculum and increased workload. Our activity worksheets for class 5 provide kids with the much-needed space for creative learning. Using these printable worksheets, students will be able to develop skills in a wide range of subjects by practising various activities in an attractive format that makes learning fun and easy.

Coding Worksheet For Class 5

As a parent, you can help your age 10 child learn to code by encouraging them to think analytically, solve problems, and think about the future, whether or not they end up deciding on a STEM-related career path. Kids can learn concepts without ever looking at a screen by playing coding games and completing coding activities with the help of these printable worksheets. PLC’s Technology worksheet includes coding lessons for students who want to learn coding skills at home in an easy and fun way. 

Photography & Filmmaking

This year’s hobby exploration for fifth grade students steers towards photography, where students learn the basics of photography and do different types of assignments like photos by prompt and photo story. They also learn about movie making - story writing, character building, filming, and editing. Download and print the pdf worksheets now.


This year, have your grade 5 kids work on their sketching skills with a series of activities and exercises. Hatching, scribbling, smudging, and stencilling are a few, to begin with. They will also learn about tonal values and how to create them. These are easily transferable skills and make for a strong foundation in the field of applied arts. Download your printable worksheets today.