UKG English Worksheets (5-6 Years)

Age 5-6 is an exciting age where children develop their linguistic skills at a rapid rate. They can talk constantly, ask questions, try using grammar correctly and even follow three-part instructions. They are curious to learn new things and energetic to take on new challenges.

India’s leading educators have created scientifically backed English worksheets for UKG class students to equip them with a structured learning path. Our colourful, interactive, and engaging UKG worksheets will keep your kindergarteners meaningfully engaged throughout the year.

This year, we will be focusing on building foundational skills with an array of reading and writing exercises. A vast selection of activities in Print Learn Center’s printable English worksheets for UKG class helps children advance their language skills.

Topics Covered In English Worksheets For Ukg Class

PLC’s English curriculum for UKG covers a wide range of topics to grasp the essence of the language. They serve as an excellent complimentary learning tool for after-school studies. These worksheets for ukg English pdfs are easily downloadable and can be printed as often as your child needs to master the topic. India’s leading young learner educators have curated a fantastic collection of printable worksheets based on Kumon methodology. Challenging skills are broken down into small chunks of downloadable English worksheets for UKG 1 activity to build strong foundations effectively.

Here are some of the essential topics covered in English worksheets for UKG class:

1. Alphabets

Alphabet worksheets for the age 5 class help students identify objects starting with a particular letter. PLC’s printable alphabet practice worksheets for UKG English contain easy visual exercises to identify objects with the given name and circle them. This timeless exercise not only helps students build vocabulary and associate letters with multiple things. If your child struggles with a letter, feel free to download and print multiple copies to give them additional practice.

2. Vowels

Teaching vowels to age 5 kids come with a variety of exciting activities. Why not make learning fun and engaging? PLC’s vowel worksheet for UKG class English contains exercises like completing missing vowels, choosing and colouring long & short sounds, counting & writing vowels, matching the pictures, completing the words, and more. Make sure to have them say the vowels aloud as they do their exercises. This will promote active learning and ensure they learn correct pronunciation too.

3. Rhyming words

Rhyming words can help five-year-olds learn to read by teaching them how to recognize word patterns. This can help them sound out words and understand what they are reading. Additionally, rhyming can help with vocabulary development as children learn new words that rhyme with ones they already know. PLC’s English worksheets for UKG class provide a host of activities to learn new words with rhyming words.

Other topics include opposites, digraphs, spellings, action words, and more.

Activities Included In English Worksheets For Ukg Class

Fun activities allow students to learn new concepts in an engaging way. PLC’s printable English worksheets for UKG provide plenty of fun and easy activities for your kindergartner to absorb further information effectively and in a lasting way.

1. Identify Exercises

In this kindergarten English exercise, students are asked to identify an object, word, or letter based on the given cue and circle/write/match them. This activity helps students to learn how to observe and associate objects with the same themes. PLC’s English worksheets for UKG students have plenty of activities to help kids sharpen their skills.

2. Reading

Reading is one of the most crucial activities among the English worksheets for UKG 1 for a 5-year-old as it promotes multiple skill-building opportunities. Children learn new words, speak in complete sentences, learn pronunciation, and gain confidence in their language skills. It also serves as an excellent bonding activity for parents and kids. PLC’s reading worksheets for UKG class English include comprehensions, stories, poems, rebus stories, dialogue reading, and more.

3. Jumble Words

 Jumble words activity in English worksheets for UKG 1 are pretty intriguing as it kick-starts both right and left brains.  The right brain is activated when the children need to decipher the words, while the left brain comes into play when they need to unscramble the letters. This exercise also tests their problem-solving skills, as well as their patience! In the end, it is a fun and effective way to help kids learn how to read. PLC’s English worksheets for UKG students have several jumble word exercises with images as cues for them to solve.

You can download English Worksheets for grade 1 to grade 6 here