Environmental Science Worksheets For Nursery

EVS stands for Environmental Science, and it is an integral part of the school curriculum. It aims to educate students about their environment, including the natural and social world. In order to teach these concepts effectively, teachers often use EVS worksheets. These worksheets contain a range of activities, questions, and tasks that help students develop their understanding of the environment.

EVS worksheet for nursery students aged 3-4 helps to engage students in the topic and encourages them to think about their environment in a more holistic way.  By completing these tasks, students can develop their understanding of the environment and become more aware of the world around them.

HP PLC’s EVS worksheets for nursery follow Kumon methodology that allows children to learn things independently and at their own pace. It covers a range of topics like animals, plants, environment, seasons, weather, etc.

Each EVS nursery worksheet includes a range of activities that are tailored to the age group of the children. These activities may include colouring, drawing, matching, and simple writing exercises. The aim is to help children develop their understanding of the environment in a fun and engaging way.

Our printable EVS worksheets for nursery class are designed by experienced educators and are based on the latest teaching techniques. We use bright colours and fun illustrations to keep children engaged and interested in the topic. All of our worksheets are available for download and can be easily printed out for classroom or home use.

Whether you are a teacher looking for resources for your classroom or a parent looking to supplement your child's education at home, be sure to check out our collection of science worksheets for more engaging and fun learning activities. Parents can also check out our webinars conducted by educational experts for proper guidance on the academic learning of their kids