LKG Science Worksheets (4-5 Years)

Age 4 is when students transition to formal academic learning and subject-based learning begins. The curriculum focuses on language, maths, and science skills improvement. Print Learn Center’s printable science worksheet for lkg offers your child a holistic approach to learning which enables them to understand concepts of science in an engaging and interactive way. The LKG worksheets will provide kindergartners with an interactive way to learn new concepts.

Lkg science worksheets are curated by India’s leading young pupils’ educators. These easily printable worksheets follow the Kumon methodology of learning which breaks down complex concepts into small, manageable chunks, making it an easy and fun way to learn and retain information.

The curriculum of science worksheets for lkg by PLC is a great tool that provides a structured learning path to your kids and serves as a great at-home learning resource. Along with these printable worksheets, parents of preschoolers and kindergartners can also access PLC’s training videos that feature quality information and techniques that you can teach your kids. You can participate in the webinars conducted by PLC and get suggestions and various tips on teaching your age 4 kids at home. Parents can also subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay updated on the latest ways to teach their child at home.

Topics covered in the Science Worksheets for LKG

The lkg science worksheets are curated keeping in mind the curriculum of the students, however, it also features activities that will improve your age 4 child’s cognitive and motor skills. These science worksheets for lkg are focused on providing you with perfect opportunities to assess your child’s academic progress and address the gaps if any. These easily downloadable worksheets keep your child meaningfully engaged and motivated. The activities in pdf worksheets gradually increase the interest of kinds in science and make them curious and experimental.

Some important topics covered in the science worksheet for lkg are:

1. Life on Earth

The child in lkg begins to learn about things and functions that happen in daily life and becomes curious to learn more about day-to-day happenings. Life on Earth science worksheet for lkg introduces the child to the world around them. The activities featured in this worksheet will provide your kids with whole new information about plants, trees, birds, animals, vegetables, and fruits that they see around them. Featuring a variety of activities, this printable worksheet is available for download at any time.

2. General Science

Lkg students are introduced to general sciences including basic physics, chemistry, and biology concepts. Our science worksheet for lkg includes a wide range of activities that will help your child understand how things function around us. Some of these activities like differentiating fruits from vegetables will broaden your kids' knowledge about food. You can add more fun by colouring the fruits and vegetables.

3. Environmental Science

In kindergarten, your child will learn about environmental science which includes strengthening their language, verbal and non-verbal expressions, basic reasoning, and awareness of the surroundings. The lkg science worksheets are designed by experts who have made sure to cover the curriculum in all of these pdf worksheets through enriching activities.

Activities Included In Science Worksheets for Lkg Class

1. Matching Exercise

Lkg science worksheet includes a variety of matching exercises like matching the shadows of flowers and plants, matching the birds in pairs, matching the vehicles with their names, and matching the parts of the human body to name a few. This exercise helps your 4–5-year-old to practise the names of objects and things that they see around and memorise them.

2. Choose and Pick

This activity from our lkg science worksheet includes colouring, naming, and matching objects. Activities such as picking similar modes of transport and colouring them broaden your child’s knowledge while making the process of learning effortlessly simple.  It is interactive and meant to help your child learn science in the most effective manner. The printable worksheets with choose and pick activity are available for you to download on your PLC website.

3. Cut and paste

The cut and paste activity from our lkg science worksheet is most fun and engaging. With assistance of parents, the kids can cut and paste the shapes in the boxes indicated. What makes it more fun is that, since the pdf worksheets are printable, your child can practice this activity as many times as they like.

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