LKG Maths Worksheets (4-5 Years)

At age 4, your child starts developing basic maths skills, and it is best if the concepts of maths can be taught in an interactive manner.  The Print Learn Center's maths worksheets for LKG class make maths learning fun and engaging for your child. With these printable worksheets, students can develop their maths skills without getting bored or tired. The worksheet for lkg maths aims at teaching the students the aspects of mathematical calculations and formulas in such a way that they grasp the logic instead of just memorising things.

India's leading educators have created these printable LKG maths worksheets based on Kumon methodology. It involves teaching complex ideas through a chunk of lessons offered with a gradually increasing difficulty level.

Topics Covered In Maths Worksheets for LKG Class

The LKG students will learn how to identify objects with varying shapes in the first stage. They will learn how to arrange numbers in ascending and descending orders and ways to trace numbers using mazes. The worksheet for class lkg maths is filled with activities that will cover the curriculum for lkg maths. PLC’s printable maths worksheet for LKG students can be downloaded as many times as you want, and these will be perfect for the kids to develop and sharpen their maths  skills. The parents can use these printable worksheets and access our training videos if they face difficulty teaching any concept. 

Here are some of the essential topics covered in the maths worksheet for LKG class:

1. Shapes

Shapes worksheet for lkg maths includes identifying different geometric shapes and tracing the shapes accurately. The kids will learn how to draw the different shapes and relate them with objects seen in daily life. The worksheets for class LKG maths come with activities like identifying an odd-shaped object among similar-looking ones, colouring the shapes, etc. After they learn to draw basic shapes, they will get activities that involve drawing realistic objects and characters involving these shapes. 

2. Numbers

Number worksheets for lkg maths include learning to write numbers in alphabets, matching numbers with specific colours, using missing words to resolve numerical crosswords, and more. The lkg maths worksheet also comes with activities like tracing mazes. These numerical maths exercises will help the kids sharpen their skills gradually and steadily. To teach maths exercises to your kid better, make use of our training videos developed by our expert educators.

3. Number activities

Children in lkg learn to use numbers more effectively. The LKG maths worksheet comes with activities meant for this. This will help them later in higher maths classes and in real-life situations. The printable LKG maths worksheet contains activities that let kids learn using numbers and counting different objects accurately. It also includes drawing activities involving shapes and animals. 

4. Comparison

It’s crucial that kids learn to compare different things based on their attributes. PLC’s worksheet for class LKG maths makes it easy for kids to compare objects quickly. The activities also cover measurements. The worksheets help the students learn the differences between attributes like tall and short, thick and thin and hard or soft, etc. Feel free to download the printable maths comparison worksheets as often as required. 

5. Number hunt and sequencing

Learning number sequencing and identifying specific numbers are helpful in both classes and real life. The maths LKG worksheet comes with activities that enable the kids to spot specific numbers involving mazes and complex patterns. The number sequencing activities require the young learners to fill in missing numbers and arrange numbers in varying sequences. The activities are fun as they involve animals and human characters. 

Activities Included In Maths Worksheets For LKG Class

Learning Maths should not make the kids bored or tense. PLC’s printable maths LKG worksheet makes learning maths an enjoyable exercise for young minds. They learn numerical and mathematical activities while enjoying drawing, colouring shapes, tracing animal and human figures, etc. 

1. Tracing

Tracing helps the kids sharpen their motor skills and learn numerical activities better. They are able to learn the directionality of numbers and alphabets through this act. PLC’s printableLKG worksheet maths comes with plenty of tracing exercises involving numbers and letters and can be downloaded as often as possible. The kids will develop legible writing skills through practice.

2. Sequencing

Number sequencing activities help young minds to learn how to arrange the numbers in various orders with accuracy. They have to fill missing numbers in ascending and descending sequences. PLC’s printable LKG maths worksheet is ideal for polishing the numerical skills of your kids. You are welcome to attend our webinars if teaching the activities to the kids seems hard.

3. Drawing

Kids take to drawing naturally, in most cases. That is why PLC’s LKG Class maths worksheet comes with plenty of drawing activities. The drawing exercises not only make the worksheet time fun and colourful but also work deeply on their hand-eye coordination and other motor skills. The kids will love colouring and drawing fun illustrations and will learn maths simultaneously. Download PLC’s maths worksheet for LKG PDF and watch your kids become maths wizards. 

4. Measuring

Measuring different things properly is a life skill, and kids can master it while learning the basics of maths. PLC’s maths worksheet for lkg pdf comes with plenty of exercises that require kids to measure different things and shapes. The measurement activities are offered in a fun way, and your kid will love to complete these.