Class 3 Science Worksheets (8-9 Years)

By the time your child reaches age 8, they will be well equipped with their surroundings and know most about the human body, plants and animals, and basic physics concepts. These topics and concepts will be taught in detail as your child reaches class 3. They will learn to differentiate between external and internal body organs, learn more about wildlife and understand more complicated physics concepts. With Print Learn Center’s science worksheet for class 3, the students will get enough activities to practice the concepts taught in the classroom.

PLC’s printable worksheets are created by India’s leading educators keeping in mind the academic needs of a child in grade 3. The worksheets are prepared using Kumon methodology and are highly structured. These worksheets gradually increase the difficulty level so that the students get familiar with each and every concept in detail.

Other than these amazing and interactive worksheets, PLC’s website consists of informative materials for parents a webinars are hosted by expert educators who will help you bridge any gap in your child’s education. Apart from the webinars, parents can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for daily tips.

Topics covered in the science worksheet for class 3

In class 3, the students learn in detail about the biology concepts like human body and wildlife, and general concepts of physics like speed, gravity, weight, force and magnetism in materials. They are made aware of phenomena like hibernation and migration in animals and birds. The science worksheets for grade 3 cover all the topics taught in the classroom along with some co-curricular activities, so that the students stay updated with their learnings in a meaningful way.

Some of the topics covered in the science worksheet for class 3 are:

1. Body and Senses

The child is already introduced to the five senses in class 2, so in class 3, they are taught about the importance of all the senses and the organs related to it. PLC’s science printable worksheets for grade 3 covers various activities that include information about the sense organs of the human body. These printable worksheets are easy to download, thus making it easy for your child to learn at their own pace.

2. Environment

Through the environment worksheets, children in class 3 are encouraged to learn about the processes of recycling and why it is so important in the conservation of our environment. The activities help the children to be more curious and learn about the world around them. The science worksheets for grade 3 prove to be an ideal tool for making your child more aware of how sustainable living is essential.

3. Astronomy

Knowledge about the solar system is important for a child in grade 3. It helps them appreciate the Earth and other planets and their unique qualities. The science worksheets for grade 3 encompass activities that cover the knowledge about our solar system and beyond in an enriching manner. The pdfs of these worksheets are available on PLC’s website, so that the child can practice the activities whenever they wish to.

Activities included in the science worksheet for class 3

The science worksheets for grade 3 contain a wide variety of activities to help the student develop basic science skills. You can print these worksheets out as often as you want so your child can use them as often as they want. There are many advantages to these activities, including the fact that they are more engaging, cover the curriculum comprehensively, and provide some extracurricular activities that will benefit your child in order to expand their knowledge in the field of science.

Some of the activities included in the science worksheet for class 3 are:

1. Labelling

Labelling promotes learning new vocabulary and becoming familiar with the object associated with it. This visual exercise is vital for your child in grade 3 to understand either different organs of the human body or parts of a flower. The science printable worksheet for grade 3 has a lot of labelling exercises for your child to practice and internalise a significant chunk of their syllabus.

2. Fill and Complete

The science worksheet for class 3 comprises this amazing interactive exercise- fill and complete. This activity can be done individually or with friends or parents, thus this activity can also be performed as a bonding exercise.

3. Drawing

Drawing is most helpful in improving your child’s motor skills in grade 3. The science printable worksheets for grade 3 are filled with many enriching drawing activities that will help your child be more imaginative while learning new concepts in science.