UKG Science Worksheets (5-6 Years)

At the age of 4-5, children are incredibly curious and are acquiring new skills constantly by looking around their surroundings. They are also learning to question what they see. As educators, our responsibility is to provide them with a variety of experiences and demonstrate enthusiasm for exploring the world together to help them develop these skills. Our UKG worksheets will complement your child’s curious mind by providing them with engaging activities.

The Print Learn Center offers your kindergartner the opportunity to challenge themselves with various interactive worksheets that are curated by the country’s leading expert young educators. The UKG science worksheets available on our website are printable and easy to download, so that you can easily engage your child in fun science activities while making them learn new concepts every day.

The printable pdf worksheets included in the PLC’s worksheets are holistic as they include academic as well as co-curricular activities. So let your kid explore the fascinating world of science and help them practice with our interactive worksheets.

Apart from these engaging activities and worksheets, PLC conducts webinars for parents to clear doubts regarding their child’s academic and co-curricular development. These webinars feature experts from the field and provide you with a wide range of information.

Topics Covered In Science Worksheet For UKG

The science worksheets for UKG class engage children with activities that will provide a sequential learning process in a fun and stimulating way. These printable worksheets are based on the Kumon methodology of teaching which will allow your child to process all the information step-by-step. Try out our UKG science worksheets for your child and let them practice their newly acquired science skills.

Some of the topics covered by UKG science worksheets are:

1. Birds and Animals

A 4-year-old kid will be able to identify various birds and animals. With PLC’s printable science worksheets for UKG, students will be able to learn and retain the names of wildlife flora and fauna. The activities in our worksheets are filled with visual exercises that will enhance their interest in learning and building a strong foundation for basic science topics.

2. Our Body

Our downloadable UKG science worksheets are a great medium to practice names of various body parts. The activities included in the worksheet introduce innovative and fun ways of learning about the human body and the sense organs. The read and move activity is interactive and it will not just enhance your child’s knowledge but also improve their motor skills. 

3. Food

The UKG science worksheet on food will help your preschooler recognize healthy food and nutrition. The activities in this colourful worksheet enable your preschooler to learn the names of various fruits and vegetables in an interactive manner. With the help of shapes and drawings included in the activities, it becomes easy for children to remember the names.

Activities Included in Science Worksheets for Ukg Class

With activities ranging from colouring, drawing, and shadow matching to identifying objects. The PLC UKG science worksheets are filled with an array of activities that will enhance your child’s interest in basic concepts of science and help them explore their surroundings more minutely.

Some of the activities included in the UKG science worksheets are:

1. Cut and Paste

Cut and paste is a fun activity included in our UKG science worksheets. This activity includes cutting the labels mentioned and pasting them in the correct place. It can be parts of a flower or a tree. The printable worksheet also includes cut and paste activities for various modes of transportation. This activity is meant to improve your child’s memory and motor skills along with giving them enough opportunity to get creative with colouring the labelled objects.

2. Word Search

In the UKG science worksheet, word search is a major activity included for your child to practice. This activity is a great tool to improve your child’s cognitive skills. Through this activity, they can learn the names of various fruits, vegetables, animals, birds, and different modes of transportation.

3. Picture Clues

Your kindergartner will be involved in learning things, whether it is academic or co-curricular if it is fun and engaging. The picture clues activity is one such activity that your child will love to participate in. The activity provides them with a clue and lets them guess and write/tick the correct answer. For starters, parents can also help their children with this fun activity.

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