Nursery Worksheets (3-4 Years)

Between ages 3 to 4, your preschooler will achieve rewarding cognitive and language milestones. The expert educators at Print Learn Center have developed printable nursery worksheets for kids to help them develop and strengthen their understanding of the world around them. Each curated set of nursery worksheet pdf is a progressive step towards achieving key milestones. Read more

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Printable Nursery worksheets can be helpful for young children who are just learning to write and read. By providing a variety of activities and games, children can learn the basic skills needed for these important tasks. In addition, worksheets for nursery kids can help in practising their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. By working on puzzles and other activities, children can develop their ability to think creatively and solve problems.

Along with this, training videos and live webinars at PLC can help you interact with our expert educators and resolve any trouble you have while teaching your kid.

Subjects Included In PLC Nursery Worksheet

Your 3-4 year old kid will build a foundation in several academic subjects. ​​India’s leading early-years educationalists have curated a set of scientifically designed worksheets for preschoolers to support their learning outside the classroom. Apart from academic subjects, we also have life skills worksheets like financial independence, games and sports, independent living, and more.

Maths Worksheets For Nursery

Kindergarteners learn so much in so little time. They can identify shapes on paper and in real life, count numbers up to 20, count sets of objects, sort things according to their attributes like size, shape, colour and purpose and even identify numerals. By the end of nursery, they can also tell time in the nearest hour, do simple addition and subtraction, compare more, less and same as well as learn about time and season. PLC’s printable worksheets for kindergarten & nursery cover all these aspects and goes an extra mile to impart financial literacy as well. Download now!

Science Nursery Worksheets

These nursery science worksheets are perfect for your little learner. With easy to follow instructions and colourful illustrations, your child will love learning about the world around them. Worksheet topics include the five senses, animals, plants, and more. These printable kindergarten worksheets are a great way to introduce your child to the world of science. Get started today and help your child explore the exciting world of science!

Geography Nursery Worksheets

Make your kid familiar with the world around them using our Incredible India series of nursery worksheets. PLC’s illustrative printable worksheets include cultural knowledge exploration like places, food, outfits, flora & fauna, and more of places like Delhi, Punjab, Gujarat, Goa, UP, Karnataka, North East and more. Let your little one catch the imagination train and travel across India from the comfort of their homes using PLC’s printable nursery worksheets pdf.

Featured Activities Worksheets For Nursery

Activity worksheets for nursery kids are a great way to keep your nursery kid meaningfully engaged. With a variety of activities to choose from, these worksheets will help your little one learn actively. From colouring pages and puzzles, to dot to dot, these activity worksheets for nursery are a great way to help your child develop their fine motor skills. Get started today and help your child explore the world of activity worksheets!

Tracing Lines Nursery Worksheets

These nursery class syllabus worksheets activities are perfect for 3-4 year old kids who are starting to learn how to write. Each worksheet features several different exercises that will help kids practice tracing straight and curved lines, as well as horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. By the time they finish all of the tracing line worksheets in this set, they'll be well on their way to writing their letters! With a little extra practice, they'll be tracing lines like a pro in no time!

Matching Nursery Worksheets

Printable matching worksheets are perfect for 3-4 year old kids who are starting to learn how to recognize and match similar objects. With these nursery worksheets, you can test whether your child has understood the fundamentals of a concept and whether they can respond favourably to the relevant triggers. Each printable worksheet features several different exercises that will help kids practice matching objects by colour, shape, size, and more. Print multiple PDFs until the child gets the matching worksheets right.

Colouring Nursery Worksheets

Nursery Colouring worksheets help in improving the fine motor skills of kids and hand-eye coordination. These worksheets for nursery class are not only fun but also educational for kids, as they help them in recognizing different colours, shapes and forms. Our colouring worksheets pdf lets your child have fun with different mediums like crayons, pencil colours, or even watercolours. Download and print as many copies needed to help your child practice colouring.

Odd-One-Out Nursery Worksheets

While matching worksheets allow children to compare similar items, activity worksheets for nursery will enable them to group objects and identify objects that don't belong in a group. These nursery worksheets are great for them to start creating mind maps of the things around them. Download these printable worksheets today!