Class 1 Maths Worksheets (6-7 Years)

Class 1 kids will already have developed a range of skills and are eager to learn more. As they navigate everyday tasks, they need to know maths to do them independently. This year’s maths covers more advanced knowledge of the previous year’s topics adding to their existing information. Grade 1 kids will achieve milestones like counting to 100, learning to make graphs, and telling time in hours. The worksheets for class 1 are full of a variety of activities and exercises that will make your children interested in learning new concepts.

India’s top educators at Print Learn Center have curated an impressive set of printable worksheets that help your child practice and excel in maths. You can simply download your printable maths worksheets for class 1 and have age 6 kids practise maths concepts as often as they need to excel in them.

If you wish to learn more tips to help your grade 1 child learn better, check our training videos or attend our webinars led by expert educators. Make sure to provide ample practice to your age 6 kids with PLC’s printable worksheets and some hands-on activities at home.

Topics Covered In Maths Worksheets For Class 1

These online maths worksheets for class 1 are curated by our top expert educators to provide you with the most simple and appropriate solution to teach maths. Through these printable worksheets, grade 1 students learn to identify and draw 2D & 3D shapes, recognize and make different patterns, and more. In addition, they will also be able to develop the skills of counting and measuring the length of an object.

You can download PLC’s class 1 maths worksheets as often as your child needs to understand each concept thoroughly. India’s leading expert educators have curated a fantastic collection of printable worksheets based on Kumon methodology.

Here are some of the essential topics covered in the class 1 worksheet for maths:

1. Shapes

Class 1 students will learn to identify 2D and 3D shapes, understand their characteristics, draw the shapes, and more. There are numerous activities in these printable maths worksheets for grade 1, including shape riddles, mapping the coordinates, identifying open and closed shapes, matching 2D & 3D shapes, etc. This bundle of exercises ensures students get enough practice with daily maths and can apply their learnings in different situations. 

2. Numbers

The maths worksheets for class 1 pdf from PLC feature exercises like locating even or odd numbers, writing before and after numbers, subtraction & addition of numbers, matching the location, and more. Number worksheets for nursery maths cover learning 1-100, counting, and other activities. PLC’s maths worksheets for class 1 provide you with an abundance of activities to teach your kids numbers in a fun and engaging way. 

3. Patterns

Recognizing patterns can help class 1 students make predictions about some future results or outcomes. Identifying patterns not only helps in maths but in reading as well. In PLC’s mental maths for grade 1 worksheets, we have curated some of the most fun and engaging activities to learn patterns. With these activities class 1 students will be able to identify and make different patterns, complete a particular pattern, and more. 

4. Measurements

Understanding how to measure is a life-enhancing skill class 1 students learn through these worksheets. PLC’s grade 1 maths worksheet pdf focuses on measurement concepts related to length, weight, volume, and size. With our easy and simple activities, teaching your grade 1 kids how to count, measure length, identify heavier objects, and more will be a breeze.

Activities Included In Maths Worksheets For Class 1

Every student is unique and requires different kinds of materials to absorb and retain new information. Some learn from imagery while some from hands-on activities. Expert educators at PLC ensure each child has an opportunity to internalise the concepts by providing a wide range of activities in our printable worksheets.

PLC’s maths fun worksheets for grade 1 feature some of the most engaging activities for class 1 students. Students may quickly learn maths with the help of fun activities such as map reading, colouring, matching, filling the blanks, and more.

1. Map Reading

Map reading is an activity where class 1 students learn to identify the horizontal & vertical directions and thus find the position of an object. This is one of the most fun exercises curated by PLC’s expert educators. Our printable maths worksheet for class 1 will enable students to use their creative and strategic side of the brain to identify the object’s correct position.

2. Making Graphs

To give a hands-on experience, have your children create graphs and pictograms to make learning maths even more fun! 6-7 years old is an age where it can be difficult for children to focus on a single thing for an extended period. So, giving these students an activity that challenges them could be a simpler way to get them to focus.