Class 4 English Worksheets (9-10 Years)

Print Learn Center’s English worksheet for class 4 can be used to complement school lessons and helps your child ace English lessons for the fourth year of primary school. In Class 4, students would have enough time to solidify their grasp of the basics of the language before moving to advanced concepts in high school. Thus, they’d need exercises to practice spelling, sentence structure, written communication, and storytelling. Besides, spending so much time learning concepts and practising at their own pace can go a long way in enhancing their writing and comprehension of the English language.

Our printable English worksheets for grade 4 with answers are highly structured and inspired by the Kumon methodology. All concepts are broken into smaller and engaging problems. This allows children to approach the exercises without any intimidation. As problems are broken into chunks, children feel more confident in solving these exercises.

For example, our class 4 English activity worksheets pdf which deals with poetry and story writing contain five activities to create a complete comic book. Instead of tasking children of age nine with creating a full comic book, the project is split into character design, designing avatars, story mapping, and finishing it. Thus, students using our printable English worksheets pdf can actually enjoy learning story writing and the art behind it without much pressure.

Topics Covered In English Worksheet For Class 4

As mentioned earlier, students of age nine must familiarise themselves with basic grammar. PLC’s worksheets build on prior knowledge of students and cover English essentials such as grammar, vocabulary, poetry, and creative writing and comprehension.

Both parents and teachers can download our printable English worksheets for class 4 pdf to engage students with these concepts. Since they are printable, students can learn these topics independently, get mentorship for their mistakes, and even collaborate with their friends anytime, anywhere.

Here are some of the essential topics covered in the English practice worksheet for class 4::

1. Grammar

PLC’s grammar curriculum for grade 4 is a revision of sorts. We cover concepts that students also know for students of class 4 to help students and parents understand their existing aptitude for prepositions, tenses, articles, comparisons, verbs, conjunctions, and punctuation. By learning their level of understanding, they can further improve on concepts they are less aware of. By systematically strengthening their grasp over grammar, students inevitably enhance their performances in poetry and composition as well.

2. Vocabulary

An extensive vocabulary is known to elevate one’s social, academic, and career profile. Through our printable English worksheet for class 4 vocabulary, learners can assess their existing bank of English words while also carving a road to improving this skill set. Students are enabled to learn new words through exercises like word meaning, synonyms, and matching proverbs.

3. Poetry and story writing

Poetry is one of the classic ways for children to express themselves in a creative manner. In a world of information overload, poetry can help students pause and reflect on words and phrases. This helps them develop their analytical skills.  A thorough reading of the poem will help children discern the poet's symbolism, biases, and sentiment. Our English practice worksheet for class 4 helps students develop a more precise understanding of poetry. Keeping in mind the understanding of students of age 9, they are asked to work through exercises that require analysing the structure of the poem.

4. Comprehension

Long-form writing is going to be a requirement throughout the lives of your fourth grader. Hence, PLC’s worksheet contains a series of activities to enhance English composition. Students are given essay writing, letter writing, and crosswords to work on. English comprehension deals with approaching the language with critical thinking and logic. The activities that back these exercises in our English practice worksheets for class 4 are tailored to meet this purpose.

Activities Included In English Worksheet For 4 Class

All the topics mentioned above are supported by highly engaging activities such as crosswords, experiential activities, riddles, comic book writing, etc. What differentiates PLC’s English worksheet for class 4 with answers from others is that activities are broken down into a series of smaller, non-intimidating activities that encourage students instead of exhausting them. With our printable sheets, all activities can be completed anywhere at any pace.  Your child can also collaborate with others to complete activities such as comic book writing, colouring, matching, etc.

1. Choose and circle

Choose and circle exercises consistently appear in our English worksheets for class 4. They frequently appear in our vocabulary and grammar worksheets as well. In Choose and circle exercises, students understand the context and then choose the right option. This allows learners and their mentors to work over mistakes by discussing what the context is and the reason to choose the right option.

2. Writing prompt exercises

Poetry, story writing, and comic-book writing feature several prompts to stir children’s imagination and creativity before they write. It is painfully difficult for children of age 9 to write something long form or a poem without a direction. Through our prompts, children get an outline of how they should express their creativity. Be it our story hat exercises or story writing exercises, our prompts are simple and exciting to work on.

3. Composition

Composition skills are crucial for children to give a logical flow to their writing. By working on structuring paragraphs in a correct manner, children can improve their written communication skills. Writing essays also helps you understand if your child has an inclination toward the language, which can open doors for rewarding careers too. Download our English worksheets to prepare your child for more challenging endeavours in middle school.