LKG Worksheets (4-5 Years)

Your 4-year-old will significantly improve their cognitive and motor skills by this age, enabling them to think beyond what they know. For example, they can now imagine or talk about things they cannot see or touch. For this age group, experts at Print Learn Center have created printable worksheets for lkg to help 4 to 5 year olds develop more creativity and feed their curiosity about things, people, and places around them. Read more

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Every curated set of lkg class worksheets is geared towards working on the fundamental skills in your child and enabling them to step forward. You will find many Montessori worksheets for 4-5 year olds for hands-on learning, helping your kid seek a genuine interest in activities and skills outside of the formal curriculum.

Apart from the worksheets, parents also have access to training videos and live webinar sessions where you can ask any questions to PLC’s expert educators.

PLC LKG Worksheet Subjects

With PLC's lkg class worksheets, your child will learn a range of foundational skills in Maths, English, Hindi, Science and Geography. PLC’s printable lkg worksheets pdf also include life skills like awareness of the environment, self-grooming, basic manners, differentiation between living and non-living, etc.

Maths LKG Worksheets

At this age, your kid can quickly grasp digits and learn about the basics of money. They can add and subtract single-digit numbers and up to 10. Maths worksheet for lkg class will teach them comparative concepts like same-different, big-small, and more-less and the count of 1 to 10, shapes like square, circle, and triangle. We have incorporated a variety of exercises like colouring by addition or subtraction to keep the kids interested and focused on learning mathematics. Our downloadable lkg worksheets pdf are based on kumon methodology, enabling students to advance from easy to complex maths problems steadily and gradually.

Lkg science worksheets

Children love to experiment and find out what happens when they do or not do something. Their curiosity leads them to ask questions and find answers. PLC's science worksheets for lkg explores plants, animals, the human body, environmental and general sciences and helps your child to learn ways of conducting simple experiments. In addition, these lkg worksheets pdf encourages them to ask questions and find out more about the world around them.

Art & Craft LKG Worksheets

Apart from the educational activities worksheets for 4-5 year olds, we have included creative activities for your children. Your 4-5 year olds can try and draw things which they can see around them. With the help of art worksheets, kids are encouraged to improve their hand-brain coordination by observing the object in front of them and trying to express it on paper. They will also learn to differentiate between primary and secondary colours while understanding how each secondary colour can be made using two primary colours.

Activity worksheet for lkg

All work and no play lead your kid to boredom. Our activity based kg1 worksheets pdf give them a chance to relax and rewind, all while creating a more profound impact on their cognitive development. Hence, our experts have put together some fun yet brain-teasing activities like puzzles, sudoku, and word games at a regular interval to help your child refine their cognitive skills. So, gather their friends for a play-date and have them knock themselves out with these Activity worksheets for lkg.

Imagination worksheet for lkg

With kids, a drawing made by them really is a thousand words. Imagination worksheet for lkg is a wonderful set of worksheets with various prompts for your young one to draw freely, without any extra instruction or references. These kinds of exercises enable kids to harvest imagination and nurture their creativity. This lkg class worksheet will also help you know and understand your child a little more as she or he will be drawing their thoughts.

Colouring worksheets for kg1

“Working with colours” by Print Learn Center - a crash course in colours is really what your child needs to begin understanding how colours interact with each other. This worksheet teaches your child the most important colour topics such as what are primary colours, what happens when you mix them together, what is a colour wheel and names of colours they should know. There are several other colouring activities too across all subjects to help your child learn visually. Download, print and colour away!

Puzzles activity worksheet for lkg

Puzzles for kids are a great way to learn new concepts and practice problem-solving skills. By working on puzzles, children can develop their ability to think creatively and solve problems. In addition, puzzles can help children learn about the world around them. Some puzzles included in downloadable lkg worksheets pdf include mazes, word searches, find the difference and Sudoku.