Class 3 English Worksheets (8-9 Years)

Once a child reaches age 8, they can engage people in long and detailed conversations with them. They can now write intricate and complex sentences in English, and their grasp of grammar has also largely improved. With Print Learn Center's English worksheet for class 3, you can help your child learn the English language in a more structured way, covering academic content and everyday milestones that your child should achieve in the third grade. The printable worksheets provided by PLC make parenting easier by helping parents assist their children in their holistic development.

English language worksheets for class 3 are designed by India's leading educators to meet your child’s educational requirements. These printable worksheets are created using the Kumon methodology. Using various interactive activities, it takes students from easy to complex concepts of the English language, making learning fun and enjoyable.

Aside from pdf worksheets, PLC also offers webinars for parents to keep up with their children. These webinars are led by experts in their field who will teach you ways to improve your child's academic performance. For more, parents can subscribe to PLC’s YouTube channel and access many informative videos.

Topics Covered In English Worksheet For Class 3

In grade three, children are introduced to a wide range of topics such as prose, poetry, comprehension, and much more. The English worksheet for class 3 available at PLC includes a wide range of activities to make sure that the students using these worksheets for practice can get an in-depth, broad view of the syllabus they are taught in the classroom.

Some of the topics covered in the English worksheet for class 3 are:

1. Poetry

Poetry helps with your child’s literacy skills and encourages them to get creative with language and words. Poetry also helps to develop a reading interest in students. The worksheet for class 3 English pdf is filled with many poetry reading and writing exercises that will enrich your child’s vocabulary and their knowledge about sounds. These printable worksheets can also be used by parents as an assessment tool to identify if their child is lacking.

2. Creative Writing

Your child in class 3 will be able to improve their thinking skills through creative writing. Their imaginations are encouraged, and they become more creative as a result. You can find many activities in the English worksheet for class 3 pdf that will assist your child in improving their creative writing skills as well as their knowledge of the English language. As these printable worksheets can be downloaded easily, they make your child's learning experience much more flexible.

3. Grammar Skills

When the child is in grade 3, they are introduced to grammar concepts like Noun, Pronoun, Verbs and Tenses. The Grammar worksheet for class 3 provides for a range of exercises that will enable your child in grade 3 to understand these concepts in a fun way. Learning grammar skills improves your child’s ability to communicate, think and learn in the English language. PLC’s English worksheet for class 3 is the perfect tool to practice language skills because of the wide array of activities included in these interactive and engaging worksheets.

Activities included in English worksheet for class 3

The class 3 worksheet for English is filled with many exercises and activities that include all the topics taught in the classroom. The pdf of these worksheets has puzzles, crosswords, scrambled words, matching exercises, filling in the blanks, and so much more. The worksheets will also help the parents have a fun time participating in the fun exercises.

Some of the activities included in the English worksheet for class 3 are:

1. Know and fill

The English language worksheet for class 3 includes many “know and fill” exercises that your child in grade 3 can practice. These exercises are aimed at improving your child’s memory power along with enhancing their vocabulary. These printable worksheets gradually increase the difficulty level of these exercises so that your child in class 3 is not overwhelmed by all the new information.

2. Composition

Developing composition skills in children is essential for their writing to gradually improve. With the help of PLC’s English worksheet for class 3, your child at age 8 can learn how to write error-free paragraphs. Since these worksheets are readily available to download, your child can practice their composition skills till they perfect them.

3. Story Writing

Children at age 8 will find this activity very interesting and engaging. Your child’s creativity will know no bounds with the story writing activity in our English worksheet for class 3. These activities are filled with pictures with the help of which students will create their own narrative. This activity can be done in groups which will also help the children bond while learning their lessons.