Class 2 Maths Worksheets (7-8 Years)

Maths is exciting if taught in the right manner for students of age 7. Often, the complicated formulas and memorization of mathematical concepts make mathematics a tedious subject to learn. Print Learn Center’s printable maths worksheet for class 2 helps students to develop subject knowledge matter in a fun and interactive way.

PLC’s printable worksheets for 7 year olds follow the Kumon methodology which allows students to learn complex concepts in manageable chunks. Since many topics are gamified in our worksheets in the form of crossword puzzles and scenarios, learners can learn with fun and parents can assess their seven-year-olds easily.

All topics covered in these printable worksheets are curated using PLC’s highly structured curriculum designed by India’s leading educators. In addition to our downloadable worksheets, parents can also use our guidance videos, webinars, blogs, and youtube channels to better understand how to teach certain topics to their kids. Use our maths practice worksheet for class 2 and other complementary resources to ensure your child’s learning is holistic and has fun while learning.

Topics Covered In Maths Worksheets For Class 2

Responding to the needs of children of class 2, PLC’s curriculum introduces basic concepts of geometry where learners can understand various shapes and patterns and arithmetic subjects such as addition, multiplication, division, etc. Our Maths worksheet for class 2 covers all these topics in detail. Since they are printable, they can be worked on at any time and parents can correct their mistakes at any time later.

Geometry - Shapes & Co-ordinates

Geometry is the study of shapes, lines, and curves. Geometry, when taught in the most engaging and accessible way, can help age 7 students understand the world differently. In grade 2, children need to learn how humans can make use of these shapes which inevitably influences their learning in higher levels of schooling. PLC’s mental maths worksheets for class 2 pdf contain exercises to identify, dissect and match shapes to their 3-D forms. Students are also taught the basics of coordinates which prepares them for concepts in statistics.


How did you learn to share “half” of whatever you had when you were a kid? Arithmetics is a branch of mathematics that deals with these concepts. It teaches kids about working with numbers. Throughout kindergarten, children are taught to understand numbers and how they can use them to communicate and better understand the world around them. At age 7, learners understand and manipulate numbers to measure things and solve real-world problems as well. Arithmetic concepts are gamified using adventurous exercises such as finding the secret code, crossword puzzles, etc. Download and use our printable mental maths worksheets for class 2 pdf to offer engaging arithmetic activities that sometimes even mirror real-world scenarios.

Patterns and numbers

Learning to identify patterns is crucial to developing logical reasoning skills. Pattern deduction exercises are used even in aptitude tests during job interviews and competitive exams. PLC’s maths practice worksheet for class 2 makes pattern deductions interesting, by engaging 7 year olds with simple activities such as translating numbers into words, figuring out dice patterns, sorting, etc.

Activities Included In Maths Worksheets For Class 2

Since some topics in arithmetics and geometry can intimidate some students, it is important to teach with manageable bits and interesting activities. Exercises must be engaging for the seven-year-olds to prompt them to completely learn these concepts.

This is why PLC’s mental maths worksheet for class 2 takes after the Kumon methodology.  All our activities for corresponding topics are broken down into small steps for grade 2 learners to solve problems with ease.

Identify the shape

Our printable worksheet activities of identifying the shapes set the scene for learning geometry. By making use of PLC’s printable maths worksheets for class 2, students can learn about each shape and compare them with real-world objects. This helps learners understand the real-world application of what they learn and adds more context to their learnings as they advance to the next class.

Co-ordinating the coordinates

Understanding coordinates lays the foundation for learning concepts in statistics. While preparing learners on this road, parents can download mental maths worksheets for class 2 pdf students with exercises to plot coordinates via interesting activities such as colouring cells, joining points, etc.

Identifying patterns

Our pattern deduction worksheets contain activities that allow age 7 students to figure out the next shape in a logical sequence. These exercises are fun for seven-year-old learners as they do not require complex calculations but some exciting thinking. Learners can also be taught to collaborate with their classmates and friends to complete these activities which lead to peer-peer learning and bonding.

Word problems

Word problem activities are essential to a student’s arithmetic learning and problem-solving. The exercises in our maths worksheets for class 2 students imitate real-life scenarios and help students visualise the problem better as opposed to simply memorising complicated formulas.


PLC’s maths worksheet for class 2 also gamifies pattern deductions, and arithmetic problems into crossword puzzles as present in the arithmetic and geometry worksheets. By transforming maths problems into simpler games, learners can be better engaged with the subject matter.