Class 2 Worksheets (7-8 Years)

At this age they are a powerhouse of energy and may enjoy loads of physical activities. Your child gains physical strength and develops better motor skills through physical activity. At this stage, your child may still have handwriting issues as his fine-motor skills are still developing. In addition to developing their phonic skills, word recognition, general language skills and motor skills, PLC's printable worksheet for class 2 can also help improve their computer skills. Read more

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It is likely that your child will be more aware of signs, notices, posters, newspaper headlines, TV advertisements, etc., so take advantage of this new reading opportunity! Moreover, this reinforces the importance of reading for children.

The best way to prepare your child for the real world is to offer them these carefully selected

Subjects Included In PLC Worksheet for Class 2

This year students will learn to read with speed, accuracy, and comprehension. They will also be able to write legibly in print and begin to use some cursive letters. Additionally, they will be able to learn and use basic maths concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In science, they will learn concepts like the seasons, the water cycle, and simple machines. In social studies, they should be familiar with maps and globes, as well as begin to understand ideas like community and citizenship. PLC's weekly worksheets for 7 year olds encompass all of these skills and more, ensuring that your child is well-rounded and prepared for the next grade level.

English worksheet for class 2

Our curated English worksheet for class 2 for 7 - 8 year olds, includes reading and remembering poems, working on jumbled sentences, memorising names of places and people, grammar worksheets, comprehension worksheets, and more. These will help them expand their vocabulary, build complex sentences, and improve their grammar. We have prepared a range of downloadable pdf worksheets for class 2 that include crosswords, word searches, sorting, matching, word ordering puzzles and more.

Maths Worksheets for Class 2

2nd graders start learning advanced maths concepts such as place value, multiplication, and division. They also learn about geometry, fractions, and measurement. Your child will likely use addition and subtraction a lot in their daily life, so it’s important for them to be comfortable with those concepts as well. If your child is struggling with maths or you want to help them get ahead, attend our live webinars to learn tips and tricks from Print Learn Center expert educators. Our mental maths year 7 worksheets can be printed as many times as you need, so feel free to use them to help your child practise at home.

Science Worksheets for Class 2

Our science class 2 worksheets introduces students to a wide range of sub-fields in science including astronomy, environmental studies, botany, biology, physics and zoology. We have curated printable worksheets activities for 2nd graders to develop the ability to observe, classify, and understand familiar subjects in a more scientific manner. Students will learn topics like “Explore our solar system, planets, and constellations” through fun activities and experiments.

Types of Activities Worksheets For Class 2

Your 7-8 year old will now be able to use various art & craft materials like safety scissors, glue sticks, water colours, markers, crayons, and more. Our activity worksheets are designed to enable them to explore new materials as they go. Our online pdf worksheet for class 2 include various fun activities like making a collage of comic strips from newspaper cuttings, counting coins, sorting them by size or numbers, etc.

Brain Games Worksheets

Between ages 7 and 8, children start understanding the logic of things they have been hearing and learning for the past few years. They develop critical and abstract thinking skills and want to solve problems independently. Children even come up with their own games with complicated rules and logic. At this stage, having brain-twisting games worksheets like number puzzles, riddles, word search, and more are all they need to sharpen their minds. Host fun competitions at your home and use a timer when the kids compete to solve the challenges in front of them.

Reading & Writing Worksheets

Between ages 7 and 8, your child will rapidly pick up new words, develop an interest in reading books and newspapers, write their thoughts down, and do more. They will start building a strong connection with words. Additionally, have them read stories aloud and even write their own stories. Worksheets include fun spelling games that will help your child in refining their reading and writing skills. Activities like making them read their favourite stories out loud will give them confidence and improve their reading skills. You can enable them to explore new terms with the help of PLC's various reading and writing printable worksheets for class 2.

Hobby: Aeronautics

For this year, we have planned an exciting hobby topic for your 7-8 year old. Children learn about aeronautics with our worksheet set: Vehicles & Sticker Collection. Your second grader will learn basic terms, parts, types of forces, as well as learn how to make paper and straw planes, and design their dream plane. There are fun activities like word search, sticker collection and more within these class 2 printable worksheets.