Class 4 Science Worksheets (9-10 Years)

Rationale thinking is developed through observation, experimentation, and deduction. One pathway towards such thinking is through science. Moreover, science as a career is highly lucrative. Thus, parents must teach scientific understanding to their children at an early age. Besides developing critical worldviews, early interest in the subject can help students pick what they want to study early from middle school.

With Print Learn Center’s printable science worksheet for class 4, students can carve a path of rationale and critical thinking. Download our science worksheet for class 4 pdf to make your students thorough on topics such as human biology, animal kingdom, experimentation, and nature.

Our worksheets are based on the Kumon methodology - designed to take students from simple to complex problems in very small steps, increasing difficulty a little at a time.

Our printable science worksheet for grade 4 also contains several engaging activities that help students learn scientific concepts and their applications without making them memorise anything.

Moreover, parents can also attend our webinars and watch our guidance videos on PLC’s portal for more tips on how they can make students’ learning more meaningful and engaging. All our worksheets and learning content are developed by experts who are experienced in early learners’ education. Our content is highly structured and helps students develop academic and extracurricular skills.

Topics Covered In Science Worksheets For Class 4

PLC’s printable science worksheet for grade 4 covers all the necessary concepts a grade 4 child should practise and make themselves thorough before entering their ultimate year of primary schooling. Our pdf worksheets cover topics such as z  experiments, astronomy, and human anatomy. Such a wide net helps students realise several science concepts in one go. Since our printable science worksheet for class 4 is based on the Kumon methodology, complex ideas are broken into manageable chunks. 

1. Science concepts

PLC’s science worksheet for grade 4 covers basic biology concepts such as food chain, types of soils, climate and weather, diseases, etc. The worksheets also help in understanding how to think in terms of experiments. Age 9 students are encouraged to practice writing journals to develop critical thinking using daily science applications.

2. Biology Concepts

Concepts in biology are also extensively covered in our science worksheet for class 4. PLC’s curriculum suggests that class 4 students must know about the basics of human anatomy. Students can reiterate the understanding of various systems in the body.

3. Biology body

Apart from giving students a high-level view of the major biological systems in the human body, students are also introduced to body parts in depth in the biology body worksheet. This establishes a strong foundation on human body parts for grade 4 students who will deal with more advanced and nuanced concepts of the human body in higher levels of education. Download our science worksheet for class 4 pdf to help your child practice these basic concepts at their own pace.

4. Astronomy

Astronomy is the science of planets and stars. Age 9 students are treated to a series of super exciting activities that help students strengthen their understanding of various entities in the sky. Our science worksheet for class 4 covers concepts such as constellations and planets. Our exercises also introduce learners to interesting facts like exoplanets and dwarf planets. With highly interactive activities such as drawing, colouring, and crosswords, astronomy is made more fun.

Activities Included In Science Worksheets For Class 4

Science can be more fun if taught appropriately. Often a child’s disinterest in plain memorization is mistaken for a lack of aptitude in science. Activities in PLC’s science worksheet for class 4 pdf solve this problem. Most activities are designed interactively to ensure learners thoroughly engage in all these concepts. Many concepts are gamified into everyday activities and crossword puzzles as well.

Here are some essential topics covered in the Science worksheet for class 4::

1. Choose and circle

Choose and circle activities require students to choose the right solution from a given context. In our science worksheet for class 4, choose, and circle activities are provided to test students’ comprehension of various topics. This also helps teachers and parents determine if their children have a thorough grounding of class 4 science concepts. These activities feature in our biology concepts and biology body worksheets.

2. Match the following

Matching skills are critical for cognitive skills and ability. They are crucial for visual discrimination. Children need to be able to compare words or letters to determine if they are identical or different. Children can match shapes and patterns as they learn to recognize letters and words. “Match the following” exercises appear in our science worksheets for class 4 for biology body, astronomy, and biology concepts.

3. Name the following

“Name the following” frequently occurs in PLC’s the science worksheet for class 4 related to astronomy. These exercises appear on topics covering planets and constellations. Topics that deal with body parts also feature these exercises. Some activities display a body part; the student is asked to name the corresponding body part. This tests a student’s visual discrimination skills.