Class 4 Worksheets (9-10 Years)

Your fourth grader can put their own ideas in writing. They can now search themselves and find more information on the topics they like by using the internet, books, and interrogating their elders. They have a longer attention span now and can indulge in more hobbies. As a parent, your role will be to create such a space and environment so that your kids can spread their wings and flourish. Print Learn Center by HP (PLC) offers printable worksheets for class 4 that you can easily download for your child (age 9-10) to help you set rules for how they treat people and things around them.  Read more

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We have also added essential life skills and extracurricular printable worksheets like journaling, photography, scrapbooking, fashion design, yoga, financial literacy concepts, banking, entrepreneurship, and more. These fun learning class 4 worksheets will lead your child to a beautiful transition to adolescence.

Do encourage them to set aside a fixed time each day to do their worksheet set. Allow them to experiment with different materials and concepts and, most importantly, enable them to use this newly gained knowledge in real-world situations.

Our programs are tailored to the individual needs of each child.

Subjects Included in PLC Worksheet For Class 4

Learning to find answers independently is one of the most critical skills a 9-10-year-old should be learning. This skill will help them explore complex topics they will be learning this year. Some of the maths skills your child will learn include: adding three-digit numbers, telling time to the nearest five minutes, solving word problems, and understanding place value. In science, fourth graders learn about forces and motion, electricity and magnetism, light and sound waves, and the states of matter. They will learn about algorithms and robotics, one of the most critical skills of today and the future. PLC's expert educationalists have created science-backed worksheets for class 4 you can download instantly to impart holistic education to your child.

English Worksheets for Class 4

Nine-year-olds can write and read effectively and will be able to express themselves using complex and sophisticated vocabulary. Nine-year-olds can read a wide range of works, including biographies, poetry, historical fiction, suspense novels, and more. PDF worksheets for grade 4 with various language exercises will help them improve their language skills in both English and Hindi. With PLC worksheets PDF, they will discuss and analyse a variety of books, including stories, non-fiction, poetry, and play scripts. In addition, comprehension worksheets for ages 9-10, Poem reading, and reciting worksheets will help your child improve their reading and writing skills.

Maths Worksheet for Class 4

Year 9 Maths worksheets cover Geometry, numbers, mental arithmetic, money, measurements, and patterns. Geometry topics learned include the radius of a circle, the perimeter of shapes, making cubes, and drawing a circle freehand. Numbers syllabus includes tables up to 10, multiply 2-3 digits numbers using lattice and standard algorithm and dividing numbers by grouping, drawing dots, and repeating subtraction. They will be able to use all of these in real-life situations. They will also learn to measure length, weight, volume, and time using word problems and practical examples. PLC's age 9 Maths worksheets pdf cover many topics for your child to practice as many times as needed.

Science Worksheets for Class 4

Your child will learn general concepts of astronomy, biology, physics, and chemistry at this age. Our experts at Print Learn Center have curated some fun kitchen experiments to understand complex scientific concepts. They will also study plants and their biological breakdown in depth. Make sure to supervise your child while they have fun experimenting with various ideas. PLC’s printable science worksheets that can be downloaded instantly are designed with a focus on the curriculum of a fourth grader in mind, so these worksheets can be very useful as resources. Various other activities are also a part of our class 4 science worksheets with answers. 

Types of Activities Worksheets For Class 4

Grade 4 students often prefer to learn through doing, so making learning hands-on can be a great way to make it more fun. Get creative and try incorporating experiments, cooking projects, scavenger hunts, and arts & crafts into their learning experience. We have plenty of fun activities throughout our printable worksheets to make learning fun and engaging.

Advertising & Marketing

With this year’s life skills worksheets, students learn the basic concepts of advertising and marketing through interesting activities. These include differentiating producers and consumers, conducting surveys, poster design, setting up an imaginary business, doing their competition study, making branding decisions, creating a marketing plan, creating ads, etc. 

Comic Book Making

This year, your child will have the opportunity to tap into their creativity and hone their storytelling skills. They will make their toon avatar, use their imagination to write dialogue based on pre-drawn comic strips, make a comic book starring themselves and more.

Word Searches

Word search worksheets for class 4 are a good start to sharpening your child’s cognitive skills. For 9 or 10 year old students, this fun and interactive activity is the best way to introduce your child to new words. We have included word searches throughout various subjects to encourage brain development within your child.