Class 1 Worksheets (6-7 Years)

Between ages 6 and 8, your child goes through a tremendous amount of cognitive change. From a fantasyland to a land of logic and reasoning, the journey promises significant brain development in middle childhood. Your children start seeing themselves as independent and attempt to solve problems by themselves. However, they require structured activities and consistent directions from their parents and teachers. Our experts at Print Learn Center have designed and curated structured printable worksheet for class 1 to be worked upon every week. Read more

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Every week, we share a set of worksheets for class 1 pdf to be done by the kid to provide parents with a structured plan, keeping guesswork out of the picture. While you must allow them to work on the worksheets independently, be available to guide them if they need help.

Subjects Included in PLC Class 1 Worksheets

Grade 2 students learn various topics such as maths, English, Geography, Science and Art. In Maths, your child will learn concepts like multiplication, division, place value and subtraction. For English, they will learn grammar rules, improve their reading skills and begin to write in complete sentences. Geography will focus on maps and learning about different countries and their cultures. Science experiments will be conducted to learn about the solar system, matter and living things. PLC's printable worksheet for class 1 ensure your child learns all the necessary skills before graduating to the next class.

English worksheet for class 1

Between the age of 6 and 7, your child should have a large enough vocabulary to carry out daily conversations. They can start to read simple stories and even pronounce them correctly. They can also use comparative adjectives and adverbs. Our English worksheets for 6 year olds include an array of spelling worksheets, comprehension worksheets, grammar worksheets, and more. Make sure to give as many copies of worksheets needed to get the concepts engraved in their memory.

Maths worksheet for class 1

Class 1 maths moves towards advanced mathematical skills. The 6-7 year olds will learn how to count, compare, and order numbers. They will also learn about skip counting, place value, and addition and subtraction facts. In measurement, they will learn about length, weight, capacity, and temperature. Data management will involve learning about tallying, pictographs, and bar graphs. Lastly, in geometry, they will be introduced to shapes and positions. PLC's maths worksheet for class 1 pdf challenges kids with increasing difficulty levels and complement classroom learning. Download, print and start practising today!

Science worksheet for class 1

Children are naturally curious about the world around them. Science worksheets for 6-7 year olds can help satisfy that curiosity while helping them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By providing a variety of activities, children can explore different concepts and ideas. In addition, science worksheets can help children learn about the world around them. PLC's science worksheets for class 1 include exciting topics like dinosaurs, solar system, food chain, kitchen experiments and more.

Technology worksheet for class 1

PLC downloadable pdf worksheets for class 1 go beyond the academic curriculum to teach your kids the critical new age life skills, preparing them for tomorrow. Children learn about coding, algorithms, computer parts, the internet, as well as robotics. This kind of early exposure to skills of tomorrow will enable holistic development in your kid. Explore our technology worksheets for class 1 today!

Featured Activities Worksheets For Class 1

Between ages 6 and 7, children start understanding the logic of things they have been hearing and learning for the past few years. They develop critical and abstract thinking skills and want to solve problems independently. Children even come up with their own games with complicated rules and logic. At this stage, having brain-twisting games worksheets like number puzzles, riddles, word search, and more are all they need to sharpen their minds. Check our activities worksheets for your 1st grader.

Crosswords worksheet for class 1

Crosswords are a great way for students to learn new vocabulary words. They can also help students review and remember information they have already learned. In addition, crosswords can help students develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. PLC’s crossword worksheets for class 1 pdf feature Sports, Science, Geography and more. There are several more brain games for children to crack throughout the year.

Pixel Art worksheet for class 1

Pixel art is a great way to learn coding because it is a visual way of representing code. By creating pixel art, children can learn the basics of programming while also developing their creative skills. Kids get to see the code in action and can better understand how it works. Print Learn Center has over 10 pixel art activity in technology worksheets for class 1 dedicated to teaching coding to early learners. There are several more coding games for children to play and learn throughout their academic year.

Journaling worksheet for class 1

Our journaling worksheets for class 1 are an excellent way for you to do together and strengthen your bond. Activities like family picture, family tree, draw & paste summer vacation, things I love about me, etc. should provide ample opportunities for your child to know your family better and for you to understand your child better. More such activities can be found throughout PLC’s worksheet curriculum.