Class 6 Technology Worksheets (11-12 Years)

When your child reaches class 6, they learn advanced computational skills which will help them in their future. The Print Learn Center’s computer worksheet for class 6 is the ideal resource for your child to learn about computers as these printable worksheets contain a wide array of activities and exercises that will enhance the students’ knowledge about computers in an interesting and engaging way.

The computer worksheet for grade 6 pdf is built on the Kumon methodology, which takes your age 12 child on a step-by-step educational journey so that they are not burdened with all the information at once. These easy to download worksheets are designed by India’s leading educators with the aim to provide your child in grade 6, a comprehensive learning material on computer.

Along with pdf worksheets, PLC also provides webinars so that parents can follow along with the progress of their children on a regular basis. In these webinars, you will receive guidance from experts in their field who will show you how you can help your child improve their academic performance with a few easy steps. In addition to these webinars, parents can subscribe to PLC's YouTube channel for more information.

Topics covered in computer worksheet for class 6

Technology has changed every aspect of our daily life. A computer is one of them which makes our life better. In grade 6, students are developing their logical, analytical, and problem-solving skills in the field of computers. PLC’s computer worksheet for class 6 aids your child in learning and enhancing these skills along with teaching them advanced computational skills. These highly engaging worksheets are also a great tool for parents to assess any gaps that their child faces throughout the learning process.

Some of the topics covered in the computer worksheet for class 6 are:

1. Computer Application

The aim of the computer worksheet for grade 6 pdf is to let your child have all the information about computer applications, so that they stay updated with their classroom learnings. Additionally, these printable worksheets have interactive exercises that will keep your child in class 6 meaningfully engaged.

2. Computer Concepts

In grade 6, your child learns all the components of a computer such as the Central Processing Unit, Input devices and Output devices. PLC’s computer worksheet for class 6 provides exercises that will help your child to understand these concepts so that they are well equipped to handle a computer on their own. These pdf worksheets are readily available on our website so that your child can use them as many times as they wish.

3. Software Devices

At the age of 12, your child is also taught about the software devices used in a computer. They will be taught about the uses and importance of these devices. Hence, the computer worksheets for grade 6 pdfs come bundled with many exercises through which your child will learn about many software devices. These worksheets are designed in a way that your child is not bored with the content but rather enjoys it while gaining knowledge.

Activities included in computer worksheet for class 6

In this computer worksheet for grade 6 pdf, you will find a variety of exercises and activities that cover all the subjects taught in the classroom.  Our worksheet includes activities such as random puzzles, word searches, learning shortcuts, computer language, coding, and computer language to name a few. Additionally, the worksheets will offer the opportunity for the parents to participate in interactive activities with their 12-year-old children.

Some of the activities included in the computer worksheet for class 6 are:

1. Computer Language

This computer worksheet for class 6 is a collection of exercises that will help your child understand the basics of computer languages and help him learn how to use them effectively. In the activities, you will find a variety of quizzes about binary languages which your child will be able to solve as they are based on the syllabus in the classroom.

2. Coding

The coding exercise in PLC’s computer worksheet for class 6 is very interesting and keeps your child engaged while teaching them how to code. These printable worksheets are filled with many such exercises that will improve your child’s computational skills. You can download these worksheets from our website and help your child improve their coding.

3. Spy Code Cipher

Spy code cipher is a very interesting activity that your child is sure to like. These exercises in the computer worksheet for class 6 will help your child enrich their creative abilities while learning exciting things about technology. Spy code activity will make your child aware of codes used around the world such as Morse code. In this activity even parents can participate so that the child becomes more familiar with the codes and also the parents can spend quality time with their children.