Environmental Science Worksheets

Environmental Science (EVS) is essential for children because it helps them understand the natural world. Besides giving them knowledge and skills, it also allows them to make informed decisions about environmental issues and protect the environment. Through EVS, children understand the interconnections between the natural world and human activities, including ecosystems, conservation, pollution, and resource management. EVS enables children to gain a deeper appreciation for the environment and develop a sense of responsibility for protecting and preserving it.


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HP PLC's evs worksheets can help reinforce and consolidate what children have learned in class, making it easier for them to remember and understand key concepts. These evs worksheet pdf can provide a way for parents to assess children's understanding of EVS topics and track their progress over time. These easy-to-download and print worksheets can offer a fun and interactive way for children to engage with EVS topics, encouraging them to learn and explore more.

Our evs worksheet for ages 3 to 9 includes many interactive exercises like learning about the wildlife of various continents, national birds and animals of different countries, and so much more. These evs worksheets follow Kumon methodology and provide a way for children to learn independently, outside of the classroom, and continue to develop their understanding of EVS topics at their own pace.

These evs worksheets aim to make learning as interactive and engaging as possible through activities that stimulate thinking, visualisation and memory. The activities in the worksheet are planned and structured by experts in child education, so parents can rest assured that their kids are guaranteed quality education.

The science worksheets provided on our portal are suitable for students of all grades. Moreover, we also offer webinars and YouTube videos for parents on a variety of topics. Parents are given mentoring tips and ways to recognise early signs of a scientific bent in their children.