Phonics Worksheets

Phonics worksheets from HP Print Learn Center are designed to help children learn the relationship between letters and sounds in English. Our Phonics sound worksheet helps your children to learn how to read and spell by breaking down words into sounds.


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HP PLC’s Phonics worksheet aims to help your kid develop the skills to decode and recognise words by sight. Our phonics worksheet pdf for class 1 includes many fun activities to make learning interactive and engaging. This is essential in learning to read, as it lays the foundation for more advanced reading skills.

Parents can use our printable and downloadable jolly phonics worksheets at home to help their children practise what they learned in school. These phonics activity sheets are curated by experts at HP PLC as a valuable tool in helping your child develop a strong foundation in the language.

For kids between the ages of 7 and 8, phonics worksheets play a crucial role in developing their spelling and advanced reading skills. This is a critical time in a child’s education as they are transitioning from learning to read to reading to learn. With phonics worksheets, your child can practise letters and sounds in a structured and focused manner, which will help solidify their understanding of the relationship between letters and sounds, resulting in more confident reading and writing abilities.

The phonics worksheet pdf contains a variety of activities, such as matching letters and sounds, blending sounds to make words, and reading short passages containing words made up of the sounds they have just learned.

HP PLC’s phonics worksheets are a vital tool for supporting the development of reading and spelling skills in kids from LKG to class 6. They provide structured practice, can be customised to meet individual needs, reinforce learning, and make learning more engaging and enjoyable. 

Parents can print these English worksheets as often as needed in combination with other teaching methods to provide children with comprehensive and well-rounded practice.