Vowels Worksheets

The vowels play an important role in forming words and understanding the sounds made by letters. They provide the basic building blocks for forming words and distinguishing the difference between words with similar consonant sounds. Understanding, recognising and producing vowels that sound accurately is essential for developing clear speech. Through them, children gain phonemic awareness, build vocabulary, and develop basic reading, writing, and communication skills.


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With HP Print Learn Center's vowel words worksheet, students can complete missing vowels, choose long & short sounds, determine vowels, match pictures, complete words, and more. With our vowel test worksheets, parents can make their children say the vowels aloud as they make the sounds. By doing this, parents will promote active learning and ensure children learn how to pronounce words correctly. Our long and short vowel worksheets will help your child become more confident in their reading and writing skills.

There are some amazing fun activities included in our missing vowels worksheet. One of them is the vowel sounds worksheets that feature activities in understanding sounds and are used to test a student’s understanding of vowels and consonants. Our Kumon-based worksheets will ensure the child moves forward with progressive difficulty levels. Kumon uses an individualised approach that helps children develop solid command over reading and self-learning skills.

Besides using our interactive printable long and short vowel sounds worksheets, you can attend our webinars regularly, where our expert educators will answer all of your questions and provide valuable tips. You can also view videos about vowel confusion on HP's HP Print Learn Center's YouTube channel. It will help your child understand how similar-looking vowels are different from each other. Remember, there is nothing like a little encouragement to help your child feel confident about things they are learning and are yet to learn.