Class 6 Social Studies Worksheets (11-12 Years)

Social studies are important for students to understand more about the society they live in, and the people they share a community with. Social studies help your children understand various cultures, festivals and special occasions to make sense of the world around them. Moreover, children can learn about governments and their institutions to understand power structures and their responsibilities. This instils a sense of purpose, security and self-reliance among students at an early age. Moreover, since class 6 social science is more structured than in primary school students may need some extra support in understanding concepts in depth.

This is where Print Learn Center’s worksheet for class 6 social science helps. Our worksheets help cover a wide range of topics that cover entire geographies and local festivals. Parents can use our social science grade 6 worksheets as an after-school activity to engage students in the social sciences, which may often occur as a dry topic when taught in classrooms. Our printable worksheets make it easy for students to practice these concepts anytime they want.

Our social science grade 6 worksheets cover a wide array of topics ranging from the structure of the earth to the structure of local governments. PLC’s curriculum ensures students develop a holistic understanding of the geographic, social, and political entities they live with and how they should communicate and cherish the people and institutions around them.

PLC’s printable worksheet for class 6 social science also contains a variety of exercises that strive to first engage and garner the interest of students and then impart learning to them. Riddles, crosswords, maps and jumbled words are used to evoke the child’s interest in these topics.

PLC’s online portal also offers webinars and videos for parents to better mentor their kids with our worksheets. Moreover, our experts also offer guides to usher children into careers of their own interests.

Topics Covered In Social Science Worksheets For Class 6

Our pdf for class 6 social science worksheets with answers contain topics that cover geography, states of India, ancient history and special occasions. Students of class 6 need to understand these topics and strengthen their understanding of national institutions and entities so that they can relate to and understand more vast historical concepts in the coming classes. PLC’s curriculum, at a micro-level, geology, states, festivals, special occasions, political history, institutions, latitudes and longitudes, India’s ancient history, etc.

Here are some of the essential topics covered in the worksheet for class 6 social science::

1. Geography

Our geography worksheet for class 6 social science covers concepts such as geology, time zones, earth and its components, and its seasons. Students are introduced to broad concepts early in the fourth week so that they can have more context for more nuanced concepts. Topics such as latitudes and earth zones help students understand the climates of various states and countries.

2. Geography - India

Is your kid someone who loves travelling to places and different cultures? Are they excited about exploring places in India? How much do they know about cultures, religions and monuments outside their hometown? Our printable class 6 social science worksheets pdf helps students stay curious and hungry about the country and understand more about more places. Download our printable worksheet to develop your child’s understanding of India.

3. Geography - States of India

Our social science grade 6 worksheet also covers states in detail. Our worksheet strives to further a student’s political and general knowledge of each state. Such topics help a student understand the size, literacy rates, chief ministers, etc. Apart from current affairs relevant for their age, students can also practice and learn their curiosity about the history of the state through our worksheet.

4. SS-concepts

Our worksheet for class 6 social science, which covers social science concepts, helps students enhance their understanding of occasions, festivals, and people’s social and political life. Students also can practice their learnings on the history of ancient India with our social science worksheets class 6.

Activities Included In Social Science Worksheets For Class 6

Several studies have pointed out that there has been a continuous indifference to social studies concepts in the past few decades. Parents and students point to the way the subject is taught and the lack of engaging delivery from mentors and teachers on the subject. PLC’s worksheet for class 6 social science contains a wide variety of activities that take the form of puzzles, maps and crosswords that stimulate the taker’s curiosity and offer lesser criticism. Our worksheets follow the Kumon methodology which is designed to take students from simple problems to complex problems in very small steps, increasing difficulty a little at a time.

Here are some of the essential activities in the social science grade 6 worksheets:

1. Crosswords

Crosswords are featured extensively across all of our worksheets for class 6 social science. Particularly, crosswords form the entirety of our states of India worksheet. Crosswords stir the curiosity of the reader. Since they are often associated with riddles and games, crosswords remove the stress that tests impose on students.

2. Identify the following

In the ‘identify the following’ exercises, students are asked to refer to the following pictures of emblems and states and motivated to provide the right answers for the same. If you want class 6 social science worksheets with answers, then download our worksheets containing this exercise.

3. Choose and circle

Our worksheet for class 6 social science also features light-weight choose and circle exercises where students are asked to circle the correct option from a set of choices. These exercises help students recall what they learned from school, infer context from the question and circle the right answer. This improves a student's memory and reading comprehension skills.