UKG Maths Worksheets (5-6 Years)

At the age of 4-5, your child will be introduced to the fascinating world of numbers and counting. They will develop an interest in basic calculation and try to use their mathematical knowledge in everyday affairs. The UKG worksheets are a great resource for your child to enrich their knowledge and learning.

The PLC worksheets are created keeping in mind the holistic development of your child. They are well researched and curated by India’s leading educators. These Maths worksheets for class UKG act as a helpful resource for teaching children the basics of maths and helping them practice what they have learned.

The printable worksheets for class UKG include activities in line with your child’s curriculum and help them in developing basic problem-solving skills.

Topics Covered In Maths Worksheets For UKG Class

In UKG, kids learn foundational maths skills like numbers, shapes, measurement, and basic operations. Maths can be made fun and easy to learn using PLC’s printable Maths worksheet for UKG and some hands-on activities at home. Remember, these fundamental skills like measuring and identifying shapes are essential for your kids to use in other areas of life. Give them enough opportunities to practise what they learn - both on worksheets and in real life.

Here are some of the essential topics covered in the Maths worksheet for class UKG:

1. Measurements

This year, your kindergartner will learn various measurement units like height, weight, length, quantity, capacity, and more. PLC packs tons of printable UKG Maths practice worksheets that feature activities like pick and write, colour and count, cut and paste, and more to teach measurement effectively.

2. Comparisons

UKG kids will learn to compare and identify objects as heavy or light, tall or short, hard or soft, more or less, smooth or rough. These are taught with interesting and colourful activities like cut & paste, colour/circle the object, match words with objects, and more.

3. Shapes

Your kindergartener will learn shapes like square, triangle, semicircle, Oval, 2D, and 3D shapes this year. Shapes worksheets are one of the most colourful ones as your child gets to identify and colour in shapes. They will also draw objects based on their shape. 3D shapes are taught using a rebus puzzle.

4. Number

Kids in UKG will learn how to count and have a fair understanding of number series. They can now compare the numbers and put them in ascending or descending order. The number worksheet for class UKG Maths will help your child to identify numbers before, between, and after in the number sequence. They will also learn the names of numbers, and activities such as finding the missing number will help them to remember the numbers.

5. Operations

Add & Subtract - vertical, horizontal, number line, word problems, letter clues.

Activities Included In Maths Worksheets For UKG Class

Your child will learn much of their maths by exploring and expressing themselves in the world around them. There are simple activities you can do at home to help your child learn more about maths. PLC’s exclusively curated printable Maths worksheets for UKG are filled with activities that will boost your child’s interest in maths.

Additionally, you can attend our webinars to get tips and tricks on how to teach maths to your kids using fun activities.  Some of the activities included in the  worksheet for UKG class are: 

1. Complete the incomplete

In the ‘complete the incomplete’ activity, the children are asked to finish the incomplete series of numbers. The series can be of a minimum of two numbers and gradually increase the difficulty level. This activity enables them to identify and practice the number series efficiently. Print Learn Center’s online Maths worksheets for UKG are filled with many such activities which will improve their basic mathematical skills.

2. Shadow matching

With the help of these downloadable UKG Maths practice worksheets, your child will be able to recognize shapes and figures. These activities will enhance their memory along with their motor skills. You can download the printable worksheets and ask your child to fill the shadows with different colours to make the activity more engaging and playful.

3. Pick & write/colour

When it comes to making maths more engaging and fun, one of the best ways is to include colours. Using colours can be a great way to make your kindergartener's learning experience enjoyable and effective.

The pick and write/colour activity asks your child to pick an image that matches the question and colour them. These activities are printable so that your child can practice with them as many times as needed.

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