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  • What are worksheets for kids?

    Learning worksheets are scientifically designed pen & paper based activities that help students understand, practice and test concepts learnt at school. They serve to be an excellent at-home set of activities to help students practice what they learn at school and keep them meaningfully engaged at home. PLC’s printable worksheets are curated by India’s leading early-years educationalists who have organized a year worth of learnings with weekly curriculum. Learning worksheets by PLC provide students with a weekly curriculum of manageable tasks that gradually lead them to clear understanding of complex ideas and concepts.

  • What is a worksheet activity?

    Learning worksheet activities are paper-pencil based tasks for students to help them with conceptual understanding. These activities can come in different forms with varied levels of difficulty to keep your child meaningfully engaged and challenged. These activities are designed in a way that helps students build new knowledge from concepts they already know. PLC’s expert-designed worksheet activities include matching columns, word/sentence scrambles, sorting, crossword puzzles, labeling, and more. Activities in printable worksheets serve as an excellent follow-up exercise for students to engage in active learning and decoding of the concepts learned in class.

  • Why do teachers and parents use learning worksheets for kids?

    Learning worksheets are excellent teaching resources for both, teachers and parents. They use worksheets in various ways - to complement textbook and classroom learning, as an assessment tool or even as a way to keep children meaningfully engaged in free time. Worksheets for children can help determine the students' understanding of the concepts and help them strengthen further. Paper-pencil based learning worksheet activities help students engage with the material closely and consistently, leading to long-term retention of their learning. Every week, PLC subscribers receive a set of 20 worksheets for kids from different subjects, including art & craft, brain games, language like prepositions and adjective worksheets, and math like addition and subtraction worksheets. This structured weekly curriculum allows parents and teachers to stay organized and disciplined.

  • Are Learning Worksheets for Kids Effective?

    Yes, the learning worksheets by PLC are designed by India’s leading early-years educationalists who have used the LAR framework to curate and organize a highly-effective curriculum for children. These printable worksheets are helpful in stimulating students’ minds before, during, and after class. These printable worksheets allow the kids to retain the concepts well by practicing them in an interactive manner rather than just memorizing from the textbooks or notes. They also serve as an essential feedback tool regarding their learning process, which builds children’s confidence.

  • Why are worksheets important for kids?

    Learning worksheets are a crucial tool for a child's education journey as they help students understand and internalize new concepts. Worksheets for children follow byte-sized learning methodology that breaks down complex concepts into manageable chunks of learning. This ensures every student gets an opportunity to practice concepts regardless of their learning speed. With the help of worksheets, parents and teachers can create a personalized learning experience to tailor-fit students’ individual needs. PLC’s printable worksheets come organized in weekly curriculum and can be printed as many times as needed, catering to students’ individual needs as well as proving to be a cost-efficient tool for parents and teachers.

  • What are worksheets used for?

    Worksheets are used to understand, practice and test the concepts learned at school. Parents can also use worksheets to teach life-lessons outside of school curriculum. With PLC subscription, we have included printable worksheets covering both, academic and life-skills worksheets. Learning worksheets are useful to determine students' prior knowledge, the result of learning, and the learning pattern of an individual child. The reinforcement of classroom learning followed by continuous feedback makes worksheets a perfect tool for impactful learning.

  • Are worksheets an effective teaching tool?

    Worksheets for children are very effective if used correctly. It's imperative to plan the sequence of the worksheets and make sure each learning worksheet builds on the student's previous knowledge. Along with proper planning, a good feedback loop should be in place to make the most of worksheet-based learning. At PLC, India’s leading early-years educationalists have lifted the heavy work by curating and organizing a highly-effective structured curriculum to help parents and teachers to impart impactful learning. Each week, a set of 20 printable worksheets is sent for children to work upon. Additionally, guided video tutorials and live webinars with experts coach parents on solving their child’s specific learning challenges with the help of worksheets.

  • Should preschoolers be doing worksheets?

    Yes, preschoolers can definitely use learning worksheets. However, as a parent or a teacher, you need to balance outdoor and indoor activities. Ensure your preschooler has enough opportunities to explore their creativity using worksheets and develop social skills outdoors. Rest assured, PLC's preschool worksheets, especially challenging ones like subtraction worksheets are scientifically designed with several pictorial, written, or visual aids, making them attractive for the preschoolers. Worksheets for children are an excellent way for toddlers to build a strong foundation across various subjects.

  • What do kids learn from worksheets?

    Learning worksheets enable children to test their knowledge and explore new concepts learnt in class. Kids can learn a range of subjects with the help of printable worksheets. For example, students can practice mathematical sums, learn new vocabulary, note scientific experiments and more with the help of worksheets. Practicing on printable worksheets allows students to retain knowledge gained in the classroom. With the help of an expert-designed curriculum at PLC, students can not only practice academic concepts but also learn important life-skills like finance and ethics. Preposition worksheets, articles worksheets, adjective worksheets, subtraction and multiplication worksheets, and more provide students with an abundance of practice opportunities.

  • What is the purpose of a worksheet?

    Learning worksheets have become one of the best sources for imparting value education in young minds. These worksheets for kids also allow parents and children to spend quality time together. In addition, worksheets are manageable and user-friendly while also providing instant feedback so that learners can evaluate their performance and progress. They can also be saved and printed as many times as needed, making them a convenient resource for teachers and parents. PLC's printable worksheets feature activities in various shapes and forms, along with guidance videos for parents to understand the purpose of each set of worksheets.

  • How to utilize Math worksheets while teaching preschoolers?

    Teaching math to preschoolers can be made extremely easy and efficient with the help of worksheets for kids. PLC’s printable preschool worksheets can be used to teach math to a preschooler in an interactive and fun manner. They feature colorful pictures and easy-to-read fonts to attract young students and encourage them to learn new math concepts quickly and effectively. Worksheets ensure your kids are not mugging up the sums but rather understanding the ideas from their roots.