Science Worksheets For Kids

Looking for a science worksheet to sharpen a kid’s scientific acumen? Look no further. Download pdf of our online science worksheets to help children practice their understanding of science after they return from school. What is more important than asking young minds to answer these worksheets is engaging them with these activities.

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Back in our carefree childhood, we dreaded tests and any judgement on our memory skills and aptitude. Our child education experts are not ignorant of this. Unlike the Edutech advertising that claims to make education more fun but adds more strain, Print Learn Center’s science worksheets feature does not simply dictate questions but provides students with a plethora of experiments, DIY activities, brain teasers and quizzes.

PLC’s curriculum isn’t too intimidating as well. For the betterment of your kid, our worksheets follow the Kumon methodology - designed to take students from simple problems to complex problems in very small steps, increasing difficulty a little at a time. Parents can download a pdf of these worksheets. The worksheets are printable and can be worked with anywhere.

Our portal provides worksheets for all grades. Additionally, we also offer parents webinars and YouTube videos. They give the parents mentoring tips and ways to recognise signs of scientific aptitude early on.

Download our science worksheets for each class

Nursery (3-4 Years) Worksheets

At the carefree age of 3, toddlers are curious about many things. With a fast-growing brain that seeks to understand things around them and put a name on every object they see, their minds have to be carefully nurtured without being overburdened. Our nursery science worksheets cover various topics such as everyday things, environmental science, body parts and food. These topics allow students to better understand the world they live in so that they can understand more nuanced concepts in future.

LKG (4-5 Years) Worksheets

Our LKG worksheets further the minds of kids who graduated from the nursery by helping them practice their understanding of more objects in the world. To achieve this, our online science worksheets for Lkg cover plants, everyday things, transport and body parts. These concepts are taught to students with examples from real-life examples, objects and entities that children see in media and in real life. To encourage learning, worksheets contain activities that ask learners to draw and colour and pick objects they are familiar with.

UKG (5-6 Years) Worksheets

UKG students need to improve their comprehension of things around them - both in their immediate surroundings and the environment - so that they can step up to the challenges and rigour of primary schooling. Our science worksheets provide exercises on topics such as plants, food, animals and body parts. By enhancing their understanding of these concepts, students can confidently step into broader concepts in primary schooling. Moreover, the online science worksheets for UKG contain various activities such as labelling the parts and DIY activities pertaining to plants and their surroundings to get them interested in the sciences.

Class 1 (6-7 Years) Worksheets

With your toddler successfully graduating from kindergarten, they now need to be prepared for more exciting and challenging concepts in science. Most primary schooling introduces students to concepts that explain why things work or occur the way they do in nature. At this age, schools also encourage students to do a lot of thinking. Our science worksheets are not ignorant of such needs of students. Our class 1 science worksheets cover concepts at a high level in environmental science, human anatomy, astronomy and biology. The activities encourage students to do a lot of thinking through pattern identification, general knowledge quizzes, observatory activities, and gamifying science in a way your children feel engaged.

Class 2 (7-8 Years) Worksheets

Our science worksheets for grade 2 present students with topics such as biology, astronomy, pollution and environmental sciences. The worksheets feature several activities that encourage students to observe things around them and complete the exercises. Examples of these activities would include stargazing, drawing animals, crosswords, etc. 

Class 3 (8-9 Years) Worksheets

Class 3 is the middle of primary school and is when students can be entrusted with more experimental activities to understand the world around them better. The science worksheets for class 3 cover topics such as environmental habitats, astronomy, and biology. By gaining more practice on the topics, students start developing a more border view of the world around them. Many engaging activities such as waste segregation, completing food chains, drawing animals, and understanding animal behaviours enhance a student’s general knowledge of the world around them. Our astronomy worksheets also feature activities such as crosswords, observing planetary bodies, and reading about celestial bodies that are usually mysterious for their age.

Class 4 (9-10 Years) Worksheets

A grade 4 student should practice and make sure they grasp necessary science concepts before entering their final year of primary schooling. PLC's printable science worksheets cover zoology, experimental sciences, astronomy, and human anatomy. By providing a broad range of science concepts, students are able to grasp several concepts simultaneously and connect various topics with each other. The Kumon methodology is also incorporated into our printable science worksheets for class 4

Class 5 (10-11 Years) Worksheets

PLC's online science worksheets for class 5 cover topics like environmental studies, scientific concepts, astronomy, and general knowledge. At a micro level, these worksheets deal with concepts in human anatomy, plant biology, planets, constellations, experiments, natural phenomena, etc. They help students practice these concepts at home in their own time.

Class 6 (11-12 Years) Worksheets

Students of ages 11 and 12 are generally treated to more rigorous concepts in science that groom them to take on specialised subjects in middle school. To heed this cause, our science worksheets for class 6 cover topics such as matter, experiments, human anatomy, major body systems, gardening, the solar system, etc. Even though these topics seem exhaustive to the onlooker, they are structured and broken down into small concepts.