Number Names Worksheets For LKG

Learning number names from 1 to 10 is an important part of early childhood education and lays the foundation for later maths skills. Recognising and memorising number names helps young children develop their counting abilities and number sense. This also prepares them for understanding place value and the base 10 number system.

To learn number names, LKG students can engage in activities such as counting objects, playing number games, and using our number names practise sheets for LKG. Repetition and practice are key to helping them memorise the names of numbers and build their confidence in using them and HP Print Learn Center’s number names worksheet for LKG encourages your children to write number names several times to help them improve fluency.

There is a wide range of worksheets on number names for LKG that include activities such as matching numbers to their names, tracing and writing numbers and their names, and filling in missing numbers. Some of the number names practice sheets for LKG also include pictures to help make learning more engaging for young students.

Using these number names worksheets for LKG online regularly can help students improve their confidence and fluency. Along with LKG number names worksheets, incorporating hands-on activities such as counting objects and playing number games, and real-life experiences such as counting toys or friends can make maths concepts more meaningful and relevant to them.

The HP PLC website not only offers maths worksheets, but also video tutorials in which parents can learn more about teaching the concept of number names to their children, as well as a number of other resources. We offer a webinar that features a variety of tips and tricks you can use to help your child in case they are struggling with any concepts. The webinars are conducted by India’s top educators.