Class 5 English Worksheets (10-11 Years)

Children of age 10 are at a stage where they shift from a carefree childhood to a more structured lifestyle filled with academic and societal challenges. Class 5 also marks the end of primary schooling, where learning is mostly fun-filled, experiential, and carefree. Thus they need careful parental guidance and mentorship to confidently face the challenges of middle school.

India’s leading young learner educators at Print Learn Center identify these struggles and offer children printable English worksheets for class 5 to learn concepts in their phase. These downloadable worksheets include both academic and extracurricular learning material for the holistic development of the kid.

Download PLC’s printable English language worksheet for class 5 pdf to master all the concepts taught in primary school at your child’s own pace. PLC’s worksheet serves as a great home-learning resource. Particularly, working parents can use our printable English worksheets to mentor their fifth graders at their convenience. Parents can also use our webinars and videos to complement our worksheets.

Backed by a curriculum designed by experts in early learning, our English practice worksheets for class 5 cover all the essentials of the language. Learners can continue to master vocabulary, grammar, written communication, and storytelling through our printable worksheets. Students are enabled to validate these concepts with interactive and experiential exercises to improve their word bank and grammar aptitude. The worksheets also treat students to a more intermediate-level composition which helps their critical thinking and analytical skills via the English language.

Topics Covered In English Worksheet For Class 5

Before students enter middle school, they need to gain a strong grounding in all the concepts they learn in primary school. PLC’s English worksheet for class 5 covers book reading, vocabulary, poetry, storytelling, composition, and comprehension. All these topics are backed by practical activities in the printable worksheet.

We have created printable grade 5 English worksheets with answers that teachers and parents can use to engage students with these concepts. With these printable resources, students can learn independently, get mentorship for their mistakes, and even go over these topics with their friends anytime and anywhere.

Here are some of the essential topics covered in the English practice worksheet for class 5:

Books and reading

PLC’s English worksheet for class 5 covers books and reading concepts in the first few weeks. Students are taught to read effectively, laying an effective foundation for challenging concepts in middle school English. Moreover, students can also practice reviewing books using the various systems and instructions present in the worksheets. Additionally, to develop a sound vocabulary, students can also practice developing synonyms and contextually related words.


The vocabulary worksheet enables students to develop their word bank through engaging and interactive activities. Students can work on crosswords, word building, and word searching activities to build a sound vocabulary. Robust knowledge of English words is always linked to strong communication and comprehension skills.


Children have always used poetry to express themselves creatively. As students are bombarded with information, poetry can help them take a moment to reflect on their words and phrases.  When children carefully read the poem, they will be able to discern the poet's symbolism, biases, and sentiment. Our English practice worksheet for class 5 helps students better understand poetry. They work through exercises that require them to analyse the structure of a poem, keeping in mind the understanding of students of age 10.

Composition and Comprehension

Composition helps students develop their understanding of long-form writing, and comprehension enables students to develop their critical thinking skills. In both cases, students deal with long-form essays and passages.

Activities Included In English Worksheet For 5 Class

PLC’s grade 5 English worksheets contain activities that help children validate their understanding of the aforementioned topics. Each subject has activities such as identifying verbs, writing tasks, and ideation activities. Our reading worksheet contains activities to engage learners with intensive reading tasks and analyse what they read with specific instructions.

Secondly, our English worksheet for class 5 contains activities such as fill in the blanks, crosswords, word building, etc. Our poetry worksheet contains an analytical task that helps students decipher the meaning of poems. The worksheets also contain instructions to do this analysis in a structured manner.

Lastly, our English composition worksheets contain vast paragraphs for learners to understand and decipher the context of long-form paragraphs.  These activities are framed using the Kumon methodology, in which advanced concepts are broken down into smaller chunks. For example, book reviewing exercises are split into five different exercises. Similarly, comic book writing exercises are split into five smaller activities. This is to ensure children focus on small and specific parts with more attention and slowly connect the dots to master the topic.

Book reviewing

PLC’s English worksheet for class 5 contains book reviewing exercises as a part of the books and reading worksheet. Through these reading and reviewing exercises students are given specific instructions to analyse basic reading material. Students are encouraged to answer specific questions such as their favourite part, write about alternate scenarios, and draw an event from the book. This is to ensure students thoroughly read the given material.

Fill in the blanks

PLC’s English worksheet for class 5, which deals with vocabulary, encourages students to participate in fill-in-the-blank exercises. These exercises give students context and prompt them to choose the right answer.

Story hat ideas

Story hat ideas encourage a student’s storytelling skills. These exercises provide students with a prompt that establishes a character, setting, and problem. Students then write a small story using the prompts to guide their storytelling. The main aim of story hat ideas exercises is to eliminate fears around creative writing. Prompts provide students with an outline so that they can continue to build on them with ease.


English comprehension is used to develop a student’s analytical and critical thinking skills through the English language. These activities involve reading a large passage from which questions are posed to students. PLC’s English worksheets for class 5 students contain eleven comprehension activities. Each of these exercises contains prose and poems. Questions based on these texts are posed to students to challenge their reading comprehension.


English composition tests a student’s long-form writing skills. Through composition exercises, students practice constructing essays and stories with the proper sentence and paragraph structures. Students also have to make sure their write-ups follow a logical order. If your child is facing any troubles completing the grade 5 English worksheets pdf exercises, you can attend our webinars to speak with experts.