Class 5 Science Worksheets (10-11 Years)

Students of age 10 will migrate from a carefree style of learning to a more structured and systematic style of learning. They will be treated to more exercises and activities that require them to think critically. When young learners are suddenly exposed to such an elaborate curriculum, they may find it tedious to adapt to the pressure. This is why learning subjects like science must be made accessible, engaging, and interactive.

Print Learn Center’s curriculum adheres to this specific need of fifth-grade students. Parents can download our printable worksheets to engage children with scientific concepts. Our science worksheet for class 5 helps learners relearn and accentuate their lessons without much exhaustion. Our worksheet curriculum is based on the Kumon methodology; exercises are planned in a manner where students solve simple to complex problems in very small steps, increasing difficulty a little at a time.

PLC’s online science worksheets for grade 5 cover a wide breadth of topics for students to practice and revise. A view of our printable worksheets would suggest that they cover environmental studies, scientific concepts, astronomy, and general knowledge. At a micro level, the science worksheet for class 5 deals with concepts in human anatomy, plant biology, planets, constellations, experiments, natural phenomena, etc.

All these concepts are also made as interactive and engaging as possible through activities that stimulate thinking, visualisation and memory. Through such exercises, our science worksheets for class 5 make learning such a theoretical subject more exciting for young learners. Moreover, since these exercises are planned and structured by experts in child education, parents can rest assured that their kids are assured of quality education.

Topics Covered In Science Worksheet For Class 5

PLC’s curriculum ensures that children access the relevant topics in science for their age. Children of grade 5 must be proficient in the basics of concepts related to the human body, different natural phenomena, planets and stars, plans and animal behaviour, etc. When students are introduced to such varied concepts, they can gain a better hold of more specialised concepts they will deal with in their middle schooling.

Let’s look at these to  in detail in our science worksheet for class 5:

1. Environment

Learning about the environment at an early age helps students to be more sensitive to the world around them. They also help them refine their comprehension of how they interact with nature as well. Particularly, with events such as climate change and natural disasters frequenting our cities, it is crucial for kids to learn about this phenomenon and the various entities present in nature. Our science worksheet for class 5 helps students learn and renew their understanding of habitats, their own surroundings, plants and animals, vitamins and minerals, etc. Download our online science worksheets for grade 5 pdf to ensure your child is thorough with these concepts when they finish primary school.

2. Astronomy

Is your child a curious cat about all things space and stars? Do they pester you with more than a simple “your wish will come true” explanation for a shooting star? Then the concepts of week 24 in our science worksheets for grade 5 are for them. Students are usually introduced to astronomy in their final years of primary school. Through these printable worksheets, learners revisit topics related to planets, stars, constellations, their positions, and movements. Practising these concepts in the worksheets thoroughly can help students better engage with concepts in physics in the coming school years.

3. Science concepts

Apart from niche subjects mentioned above, children in grade 5 must imbibe basic theoretical concepts to better understand scientific concepts in their high school. PLC’s science worksheets for grade 5 ensure students can practice and make a lasting impression of basic scientific concepts. These worksheets cover topics such as matter and its states, natural phenomenon, geography, planets, etc.

4. General knowledge

Want to develop your child’s street smartness and worldly affairs? Feed them with topics that are nice to know but beyond the scope of any subject. General knowledge, when taught and practised as a subject, can not only improve a child’s knowledge but also help parents understand what catches the child’s interest, as well as students, will be introduced to historical and scientific facts in an informal manner. The online science worksheets for grade 5 raise the student’s social profile and consequently boost confidence as high general knowledge is often linked to high intelligence.

Activities Included In Science Worksheet For Class 5

PLC’s science worksheet for class 5 gamifies many science concepts with more exciting and actionable exercises. For example, our worksheet on environmental studies asks students to write about how they feel, what their imaginary planet would look like, creating their own garden, writing their observations when going for a nature walk, etc.  

Let's have a look at some of the activities in our online science worksheets for grade 5:

1. Name the following

Name the following exercises to feature in our science worksheet for class 5. In most exercises, students are given a picture, a scenario, or a description. Learners mark a name for these pictures or scenarios based on the context. The purpose of these exercises is to check if the learners can actually recall the concepts they have learned. It also develops the learner’s visual discrimination skills.

2. Experiential activities

Students are also treated to more experiential activities such as exploring their feelings, observing and interpreting their surroundings, etc. These activities feature in our general knowledge and environmental science worksheet for class 5 pdf. Such activities stimulate a student’s creativity. Moreover, these exercises help them apply what they have learned in a real-world setting. Examples of these activities include the following but aren’t limited to planning your garden, making compost, I feel, nature walks, kitchen experiments, etc.  

3. Fill and complete

Fill and complete activities, similar to naming the following, require learners to understand and answer based on a given context. These exercises occur in our science worksheet for class 5, demanding various astronomical and biological concepts from students. They help students develop their memory skills by prompting them to recall their learning without the pressure usually induced by memory testing activities.