Class 5 Technology Worksheets (10-11 Years)

At the age of 11, your child is now moving towards adolescence. There is a major change in them, both physically and emotionally. They need parental support more than ever in every aspect. Print Learn Center’s worksheets take care of your child’s academic and co-curricular needs so that you can focus on other elements of their development.

PLC’s worksheets are comprehensive and help the students in their holistic learning. The printable worksheets are designed by India’s leading educators using the Kumon methodology. This allows your child to gradually understand the complexities of the subjects. Technical worksheets like the computer worksheet for class 5 have exercises with increasing difficulty so that your 11-year-old is not overwhelmed with all the content. These printable worksheets provide a structured learning path for your child and help in their overall development.

Apart from these interactive worksheets, parents can find a lot of information on PLC’s website. There are tutorial videos in abundance which can help the parents to actively help in their child’s scholastic development. The parents can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative videos. Additionally, PLC provides amazing webinars. These webinars are hosted by expert educators to help the parents in understanding their kid’s academic needs.

Topics covered in Computer worksheet for class 5

Grade 5 students are introduced to technology with the aim of improving the students' proficiency in the subject and making them more familiar with it. The computer worksheets for grade 5 pdfs are the ideal tool for this purpose as they cover the entire syllabus in enriching and interactive activities. They help your child to understand the subject in such a way that they are meaningfully engaged.

Some of the topics covered in the computer worksheet for class 5 are:

1. MS Office

Kids at age 11 are taught how various components of MS Office functions like MS word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and others. Learning at this age will make the child in class 5 more efficient in performance action in these tools. The computer worksheets for grade 5 pdfs provide many exercises that will help your child in class 5 to practice various functions so that they become well acquainted with MS Office and its various components. Learning these skills will definitely help your child become smarter.

2. Application Software

A computer can be made more useful by using application software to do specific tasks performed on it. The application software is a software program used to perform specified tasks. For example, it may be used to create a document, perform calculations, create drawings etc. Computer worksheets for class 5 come with various activities that will help your child in learning about various application software. These easy to download worksheets make learning flexible for your child in grade 5 as they can practice whenever they wish.

3. Coding

Coding enhances your child’s computational skills. Computer worksheet for class 5 has enough coding exercises that will improve your child’s knowledge about coding. These printable worksheets make it easy for your child in grade 5 to learn coding in an entertaining and engaging way.

Activities included in computer worksheet for class 5

The activities in the computer worksheet for class 5 will inspire your child in grade 5 to get more interested in computers and their various functionalities. These printable worksheets double as a great resource for parents to assess their child’s development and work on the struggles that their child is going through while learning.

Some of the activities included in the computer worksheet for class 5 are:

1. Word Search

Exercises like word searches improve your child’s overall brain power. The computer worksheets for grade 5 pdfs are filled with various word search exercises that will help your child in class 5 to improve their computer skills while enhancing their memory power and concentration. These printable activities are readily available on the PLC website for you to download and engage your child in an interactive at-home learning routine.

2. Fill in the Blanks

The fill in the blanks exercise is one of the simplest and most effective exercises your child can do in grade 5. Throughout the computer worksheet for class 5 there are several fill in the blanks exercises that will help students improve their retention of their knowledge about computers that they learn in the classroom, as well as some more information they gain through the engaging worksheets that we provide.

3. True and False

There are many activities in the computer worksheets for grade 5 pdfs that will help your child develop their computational skills. Students can benefit from the true and false exercise as a way of memorising new words so that they can enhance their knowledge of computers which will enable them to perform better in the classroom and even in the next grade level.