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Cognitive Milestones
  • Count ten and more things.
  • Draw a person with at least 6 body parts.
  • Can print some numbers or letters.
  • Copy a triangle and other geometric shapes.
  • Know about things used every day, like money and food.
Language Milestones
Social and Emotional Milestones
Physical Milestones
Fine Motor Skills
Montessori Worksheets for 5-6 Year Olds
Preschool Tracing Worksheets
Fun Worksheets for 5-6 Year Olds
Preschool Math Worksheets
English Worksheets for 5-6 Year Olds
Fun Worksheets for 5-6 Year Olds

1. What should a 5-6 year old be learning?

A 5-6 year old should be learning how to tell time, spell names, spell 3-4 letter words, and more. To teach time, you can use our worksheets focused on seasons and time concepts like today, tomorrow, and yesterday. They'll also be picking up on social skills, making friends and expressing their emotions. PLC's expert educationalists have curated scientifically designed class 1 worksheets to promote the holistic development of your children.

2. Should 5-6 year old kids do worksheets?

Yes, 5-6 year old kids can definitely use printable worksheets for grade 1. However, as a parent or a teacher, you need to balance outdoor and indoor activities. Ensure your grade 1er has enough opportunities to explore their creativity using worksheets and develop social skills outdoors. Rest assured, PLC's class 1 worksheets, especially challenging ones like subtraction worksheets and printable computer worksheets for class 1 are scientifically designed with several pictorial, written, or visual aids, making them attractive for grade 1 students. Worksheets for children like the grade 1 maths olympiad for class 1 worksheets are an excellent way for toddlers to build a strong foundation across various subjects including English, Math, Science, Life skills, Coding, Financial literacy and more.

3. Which type of worksheets are best for 5-6 year olds?

There are a few attributes of great worksheets for 5-6 year olds. They should be designed keeping in mind the existing knowledge of the kid, they should provide enough challenge and importantly, they should be fun enough to keep the kid engaged just like the mental maths for grade 1 worksheets. India's leading young learners' educationalists at PLC have designed weekly curriculum-based worksheets on the LAR (Learn, Apply, Resolve) framework to ensure long-lasting learning. Some of the best worksheets for 5 year olds include matching letters with objects, picking odd objects out, tracing numbers and letters, counting similar things, copying shapes and letters, etc.

4. Should a 5-6 year old recognize letters?

By age 6, most children should be able to recognize the entire alphabet and mostly incorrect order. In fact, the 1st graders will be able to read some words aloud without much difficulty. With the help of english grammar worksheet for class 1 and english spelling worksheets for grade 1 they can remember their names and a few sight words and speak out how some letter combinations sound (like "ing"). To help them stay ahead of the curve with letters and words, use PLC's printable nursery worksheets. These worksheets are scientifically designed to help your kid learn the letters in proper context and sequence. We have a variety of fun worksheets for 5 year olds like matching, coloring, tracing, etc. Apart from the worksheets, read books to/with them, and in-between, stop for a quick phonetics/alphabet lesson as and when you get a chance.

5. Should a 5-6 year old be able to write their name?

Ideally, yes. But remember, not all children can write their names, and it's completely okay if your child cannot write their name. Handwriting is an interesting yet complex skill to learn, and most kids are not ready for this until the age of 6. Now that your child is / about to be 6, it's a good time to start working on their writing skills. To help them practice writing skills, follow the weekly worksheet curriculum set by the expert educationalists at PLC. Feel free to print the class 1 worksheets pdf like the printable punctuation worksheets for grade 1 and printable math worksheets for grade 1 as many times as needed by the child. Apart from the worksheets for 5 yr olds, make sure to attend our live webinar sessions where we share other creative ideas to teach your child.

6. How high can a 5-6 year old count?

Most 6 year olds count up to 30 and can associate up to objects to the numeral. They can also count by 10s - 10, 20, 30…100 by learning their place value. They start grouping objects according to their attributes like size, shape, color, etc. India's leading early-age educationalists have designed class 1 math worksheets that help your child build a strong foundation in numbers. We have made sure to keep class 1 worksheets fun and engaging. Don't worry if your child cannot count as high as other children; some children take more time than others. You can make them practice the mental maths for class 1 worksheets. For more tips on place value, check this video.

7. How well should a 5-6 year old read?

A 5-6 year old should enjoy reading storybooks and should be able to use descriptive language to retell simple stories. Your grade 1 child will also be able to write the entire alphabet and 3-4 letter words that they use often. Try the printable english worksheets for class 1 that will help them practice words and phrases.

To inculcate a reading habit in your child, model their behavior with good routines and feedback loops. Have them pick a book of their choice, and read out loud while tracking the word you or your child reads. PLC has grade 1 worksheets with reading activities such as stories, comprehensions, and poems with increasing difficulty levels for your kids to gradually gain confidence in reading. Also, you can take help from our guidance videos for more ideas to help your child learn better.

8. What is the purpose of class 1 worksheets?

Grade 1 worksheets are designed to help your child understand and internalize various lessons learned at school. Pdf worksheets like worksheet for class 1 english grammar pdf are also an effective way for teachers and parents to identify gaps in a child's learning process, track progress and help personalize the learning experience for them. The ultimate purpose of worksheets for 6 year olds is to understand, practice, and test lessons learned at school and beyond. Grade 1 worksheets by PLC promote active learning and raise the student's interest levels thanks to a wide array of activities included in each week's worksheet set. Print as many copies of pdf worksheets as needed by your child to internalize concepts.

9. What are some fun worksheet activities for class 1?

PLC has a wide range of fun worksheets for 5 year olds, including drawing family trees, familiarizing sports, reading stories, knowing their country, and many more. Our pdf worksheets like the english worksheets for grade 1 pdf have covered both academic and out-of-syllabus life skill worksheets for your class 1 to ensure their holistic development. Topics like financial independence, values, good manners, etc. are taught in fun and educational ways. There are also art and craft worksheets for 5 yr olds that inspire them to explore their creative side. These fun worksheets for 5 year olds are a great way to keep your kids meaningfully engaged and make them learn important lessons.

10. What should your child know by the end of grade 1?

Your child will learn a range of academic and life skills by the end of grade 1. Your grade 1 graduated kid will be able to take care of their belongings, clean up after playing, put on a jacket, and do bathroom routine independently. A few fine motor skills include using scissors, writing their name, copying shapes, etc.

Academically, they will be able to identify letters in their correct order, sort objects by attributes, and count to 20. They will communicate more effectively using 4-5 word sentences, retell stories with expressive words, communicate their needs, talk about school and follow simple instructions. Most class 1 graduates would have learned to work in teams, follow classroom and home routines, cooperate with other kids, and even share personal belongings with their peers. PLC's grade 1 worksheets will help your child graduate class 1 with flying colors.

11. How to teach your class 1 at home with worksheets?

Class 1 worksheets are your best friend when it comes to teaching your child at home. They provide structure, context, and discipline for the kid to learn effectively.

Scientifically designed worksheets by PLC come in weekly sets to help you teach your child without much effort. Print out the worksheet pdf and printable worksheet for class 1 set and give one worksheet at a time to your kid. Print more copies of worksheets that require more practice like the printable math worksheets for grade 1.

To make this even more fun for your child, call in your child's friends, print some coloring worksheets, and host a lovely afternoon party followed by treats. And don't worry if you are facing trouble teaching your child at home. Simply attend our regularly-scheduled live webinar and resolve your problems with one of our expert educators. In case you missed attending one, you can have access to the conducted webinars here.

Also, remember to have fun and make memories with your little one!