Class 1 English Worksheets (6-7 Years)

As your 6 year old kindergartener graduates to take up challenges in primary school, your child’s creativity and language skills will improve greatly with Print Learn Center’s printable English worksheets for class 1. English lessons in the first grade introduce your children to more experiential topics and activities such as storytelling and creative writing; basically, activities that enhance ideating, visualisation, critical thinking, and communication.

Simply download and print these English worksheets for class 1 pdf tailored by some of India’s leading educators, to enable your child to internalise these skills. Our English worksheets are based on Kum ology and can help your child realise their inner Hemmingway.

Parents can also participate in webinars conducted by our experts and seek tips to help their children learn better. Download the printable worksheets today and get your child started.

Topics Covered In English Worksheets For Class 1

Topics in grade 1 brush up on the basics of the English language and help the students understand and learn more demanding literature such as poetry, creative writing, and composition. For Class 1, PLC's printable English worksheets pdf cover a wide range of topics. These downloadable worksheets serve as an excellent complementary tool to schoolwork.

Here are some of the essential topics covered in the English worksheet for class 1:

1. Grammar

Apart from imparting a sense of confidence in their language skills, grammar worksheets help your kid develop good communication skills. In grade 1, PLC’s industry-leading curriculum teaches articles, adjectives, verbs, prepositions, and adverbs. By developing a solid grounding in these concepts, children gain a better handle on communication and their writing skills.

2. Vocabulary

Many experts say that a wide vocabulary is often related to more social and career opportunities. A good vocabulary is also linked to thinking and learning skills. PLC’s printable vocabulary worksheets for class 1 pdf encourage your kid to accumulate a vast word bank. A sound vocabulary helps children better understand contexts in whatever they are reading.

3. Poetry

Poetry helps your child express their creativity in a highly structured and intelligent manner. Our exercises for poetry are simple and fun. Our poetry worksheets for class 1 help children understand simple concepts such as rhymes, and learning opposites, which help the learner understand word choice and usage.

4. Composition and writing

Long-form writing is another skill set that needs to be introduced to kids early on. While kindergarten English worksheets impart basic writing skills, grade one English worksheets challenge the learner with writing longer stories that are structured and have a logical flow. Our beginner composition and writing worksheets for grade 1 provide topics that are simple and engaging for a grade one student. Your 6 year old children learn the art of writing with picture-driven storytelling tasks, emotional storytelling, and more.

5. Comprehension

Comprehension is using the English language to develop reasoning and analytical skills as opposed to using numbers. Comprehension is introduced in Week 41 to provide ample time for the learner to strengthen their basics of grammar and vocabulary before working on English comprehension. Our comprehension worksheets for class 1 help develop comprehension skills using activities that encourage interpretation and deductions.

Activities Included In English Worksheets For Class 1

Besides helping your age 6 kids to practice the above forms of literature, our English activity worksheets for class 1 also help develop any early signs of proficiency in the language. Our pdf worksheets contain activities that are specifically geared to evoke these signs. This is mainly due to the wide variety of activities that test the children’s interpretation, ideation, and memory skills.

1. Complete the following exercises

Most exercises in our pdf worksheet follow the “complete the following” route. Age 6 Children would be given a set of suggestions to fill up a blank in a sentence or a phrase. Many grammar concepts are tested using this activity. This is to help them understand the concept and apply them in the correct context.

2. Creative and critical writing exercises

Comprehension and creative writing worksheets PDF demand from students the best of their writing skills. Students are given writing prompts and are asked to write a logically narrated story with sound grammar and vocabulary. To encourage entrepreneurship through the English language, the worksheet also encourages grade 1 students with exercises on product ideation, selling, and marketing.

3. Rhyming exercises

The printable English worksheets for grade 1 students also contain rhyming exercises to expand the learner’s vocabulary. For example, the reading rhyming words in the poetry worksheets has activities for students to read rhyming words and produce more words that rhyme with each other. Such rhyming exercises help students learn words in categories and enable them to remember more words easily.