Class 1 Maths Worksheets (6-7 Years)

India’s top educators at HP Print Learn Center have curated an impressive set of printable worksheets that help your child practice and excel in maths. You can simply download your printable maths worksheets for class 1 and have age 6 kids practice maths concepts as often as they need to excel in them. Read more

If you wish to learn more tips to help your grade 1 child learn better, check out our training videos or attend our webinars led by expert educators. Make sure to provide ample practice to your age 6 kids with PLC’s printable math worksheets and some hands-on activities at home.


Topics Covered in Maths Worksheets for Class 1

These online maths worksheets for class 1 are curated by our top expert educators to provide you with the most simple and appropriate solution to teach maths. Through these printable worksheets, grade 1 students learn to identify and draw 2D & 3D shapes, recognize, and make different patterns, and more. You can download PLC’s class 1 maths worksheets as often as your child needs to understand each concept thoroughly.

Here are some of the essential topics covered in the maths worksheet for class 1:

1. Number Names

Our specialized number names worksheets for Class 1 students offer an exciting learning journey. These worksheets are carefully crafted to transform the process of understanding numbers into an enjoyable adventure.

2. Patterns

In PLC’s pattern worksheets for class 1, we have curated some of the most fun and engaging activities to learn patterns. With these activities class 1 students will be able to identify and make different patterns, complete a particular pattern, and more.

3. Geometry

PLC’s geometry worksheets for class 1 are designed to captivate young minds, offering a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to fundamental geometric concepts. Through hands-on activities and relatable visuals, students develop a strong grasp of basic geometry while nurturing their cognitive skills.


Activities Included in Maths Worksheets for Class 1

Expert educators at PLC ensure each child has an opportunity to internalize the concepts by providing a wide range of activities in our printable worksheets.

PLC’s maths worksheets for grade 1 feature some of the most engaging activities for class 1 students. Students may quickly learn maths with the help of fun activities such as map reading, colouring, matching, filling in the blanks, and more.

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FAQs on maths worksheets for class 1:


1) Can I use maths worksheets for class 1 as a form of homework?

Sure thing! You can use class 1 maths worksheets for some fun homework practice.

2) How can I use class 1 maths worksheets effectively in my class?

Make class 1 maths exciting by using the worksheets during class activities and group games!

3) Are grade 1 maths worksheets aligned with the school curriculum?

Yes, grade 1 maths worksheets match what you're learning in school. Cool, right?

4) Can I use std 1 maths worksheets for extra practice during school breaks or vacations?

You can use std 1 maths worksheets to stay sharp during breaks and vacations.