Class 1 Technology Worksheets (6-7 Years)

The child at the age 6 has sufficient fine-motor skills and a good understanding of how computers work, and can use a computer with minimal adult supervision. Print Learn Center’s computer worksheet for class 1 is an ideal resource for your child in grade 1 to introduce them to the amazing world of computers and technology. The printable worksheets from PLC aim for your child’s holistic development by providing them with a structured learning path so that they cover the syllabus in a fun and engaging way.

PLC’s beginner computer worksheet for grade 1 is designed by India’s top educators in keeping in mind your child’s scholastic needs. These worksheets are built on Kumon methodology which takes your child from easy to complex activities so they learn in an easy step-by-step manner. The easy to download worksheets make learning flexible for your child as they can practise the exercises in the worksheets as many times they wish.

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Topics covered in Computer worksheet for class 1

Your child will learn the basics of how to use a computer in class, as well as what the different components of a computer are in grade 1. PLC has carefully designed a computer worksheet for class 1 pdf that aligns with the classroom teachings so that your child is well familiar with the syllabus.

Some of the topics covered in the computer worksheet for class 1 are:

1. Computer Applications

The computer subject worksheet for grade 1 contains a variety of activities that will help your child learn various applications related to computers and the internet. You can print out the worksheets that are available on the PLC's website in order for your child to have a perfect study environment as they can practise these worksheets at their comfort. Also, these worksheets can be used as an assessment tool by parents to identify any gaps in the teaching of their children that might need to be addressed.

2. Internet

The internet is one of the most important aspects of today's technological world, and it is the basic need of all people. The Internet can be a very effective tool for class 1 students that can assist them in communication and create a sense of bonding between them as well. The printable computer worksheets for grade 1 are filled with exercises that will make children in grade 1 familiar with the world of the internet. The worksheets are designed to keep the children engaged while they learn a great deal about the internet.

Activities included in the computer worksheet for class 1

Since technology has become a vital part of the curriculum, the students of class 1 learn a whole lot about computers and the internet. With the help of these worksheets, your child in grade 1 will be exposed to a range of fun and enriching activities that will help them learn so much about computers. The purpose of these exercises is to offer your children an opportunity to learn about computers in a fun way while covering the classroom material.

Some of the activities included in the computer worksheet for class 1 are:

1. Choose and circle

Your 6-year-old child will be able to improve their knowledge of computers through the choose and circle activity included in the computer worksheet for class 1. Exercises that allow children to choose do's and don'ts about computers and how to deal with them, to choose the answer in binary form, or to choose the correct answer from a selection of multiple-choice options about computers. This list of activities can be printed and downloaded so your child can practice them until they have perfected them.

2. Name the computer parts

Naming the computer parts is a very interesting activity that helps your child memorise different parts and improve their writing skills. This activity is included in our computer worksheet for class 1, so your child can practise in the comfort of home. These printable pdf worksheets include activities that gradually increase their difficulty level so that your kid in grade 1 is not overwhelmed by all the information.

3. Draw a computer

Drawing is one activity loved by kids as it helps in improving their creativity and also their motor skills. This is why the beginner computer worksheet for grade 1 has many drawing exercises that will enhance your kids’ creative skills. They will learn about different parts of a computer because visual activities are more engaging and better to remember.