Class 1 Science Worksheets (6-7 Years)

At age 6, your child enters a traditional classroom environment. The curriculum becomes vast and your first grader is introduced to a new syllabus with a wide range of subjects. They often get burdened with new concepts introduced to them in subjects like science. During this new experience, your child in class 1 should be aided with materials that will help them gain all this knowledge in an interactive and fun manner. Print Learn Center’s worksheets are the perfect tool for that.

Our science worksheet for class 1 is curated keeping in mind the academic as well as co-curricular development of your 1st grader. They are designed by expert educators in a way that helps the student to solve simple to complex problems in an efficient manner. These printable worksheets are filled with activities that are interesting, engaging, and motivating your child in grade 1 to learn, understand and at the same time practice science skills.

Apart from providing these easy-to-download worksheets, PLC has made sure to provide enough help for the parents to make their child’s learning fun. The webinars conducted by PLC are a great medium to discuss your child’s holistic development and through our YouTube channel, parents can be updated with various methods to keep the learning engaging for their 1st grader.

Topics Covered In Science Worksheets For Class 1

In class 1, the students learn in detail about the world around them. Their curious minds are now open to understanding concepts of air, water, and weather and also concepts of physics like pulleys, levers, magnets, and much more. The science worksheet for grade 1 is filled with many such activities which will teach your child about these concepts in a fun and enriching way. These printable worksheets are meant to expand your child’s previous knowledge about these concepts.

The pdf of these worksheets can be easily downloaded and printed for the use of your child.

Some of the topics covered in the science worksheet for class 1 are:

1. Biology

Kids at age 6 will have biology in their curriculum, explaining the basic concepts like food chain and animals from different continents. The pdf of our science worksheet for class 1 includes many activities that make learning these concepts entertaining while helping your first grader to remember these concepts thoroughly. Our training videos will come in handy for parents who want help in teaching a concept to their children.

2. Physics

Kids in grade 1 are taught exciting physics topics like energy. They are also made aware of various resources and the difference between natural and man-made resources. To expand this knowledge, PLC’s science worksheet for grade 1 provides activities such as puzzles and crosswords based on basic physics concepts that help students in understanding the topics in an effective manner. You can download the pdf worksheets to help your child in practising and revise the concepts learned in the classroom.

3. Experiments

Your child in class 1 will learn to perform many exciting experiments based on the concepts they learned in the classroom. The science worksheet for grade 1 is the perfect supplement to your child’s learning as it provides a wide range of activities that can be performed in order to get a better grasp of what your kid learns in the classroom. Activities like recording your findings and kitchen experiments make learning science an interactive experience.

Activities included in science worksheet for class 1

A wide array of activities has been included in the science worksheet for grade 1. These worksheets are printable so your child can use them as many times as they need. Not only are these activities more engaging, they also cover the curriculum comprehensively and also provide some extracurricular activities that will enable your child to expand their knowledge in science.

Some of the activities included in the science worksheet for grade 1 are:

1. Activity game

The activity game is a part of our science worksheet for class 1. They are activities that teach simple to complex physics concepts in an engaging way. For example- the magnet grid activity game explains the concepts of attraction of opposite poles of magnets and repulsion of the same poles. As these activities are printable, you can print out the activity and use it as a board game. The parents can participate in this activity double the learning experience as bonding time.

2. Kitchen experiments

The science worksheet for class 1 has many interesting kitchen experiment activities included. The child will need parental assistance to perform these activities, which will make it all the more fun. Making rainbows from skittles is one such colourful activity that your first grader is sure to love.

3. Science Journal

The science journal experiment brings out the researcher in your child. These activities include noting down the findings of their experiments and observations.  Such observational activities encourage your child to ask questions and seek answers.