Class 2 English Worksheets (7-8 Years)

At age 7, children jump from preschool to primary and learn new language skills. They learn about the use of synonyms, become proficient at spelling, and learn to ask & answer simple yes or no questions. The Print Learn Center offers the students printable and easy-to-download English worksheets for class 2, which include activities that will make learning the English language an enriching experience.

PLC’s worksheets are designed to meet the needs of your child’s learning at all levels, academic and co-curricular. The English language worksheet for class 2 has been curated by expert educators and is available on the PLC website for you to download and print from so that your child in class 2 can access it as often as needed.

Printable English worksheets for grade 2 follow the Kumon methodology and gradually increase the difficulty level of the worksheet so that your kid in class 2 will not be burdened with the learnings all at once.

Topics covered in English worksheet for class 2

In class 2, the students are introduced to creative writing, poetry and story writing, writing composition, and new vocabulary. The worksheet for English class 2 features activities based on these topics so that the students get some extra practice apart from their classroom learning. The printable pdf worksheets can be given to your kid in grade 2 anytime so they can be comfortable with their learning schedule.

Some of the topics covered in the grade 2 English worksheet are:

1. Grammar

Kids at the age of 7 - 8 will have the opportunity to learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives, singular and plural words, and compound words as well. Your second grader will be able to practice all these concepts with PLC’s English language worksheet for class 2. With the activities included in the worksheets, students will get to complete crossword puzzles, find missing words, and mix up words, making it a delightful way to learn English concepts.

2. Vocabulary

Your child at age 7 will learn new words and phrases in grade 2. Our printable English worksheet for class 2 is the ideal tool to enhance their vocabulary and practice with ease. Activities such as word search and fill-in-the-blanks will provide your child with a structured learning path with a twist of fun. The easy-to-download pdf worksheets included in this package are also an excellent tool for parents to assess their child's progress and understand their difficulties.

3. Poetry

As your child proceeds through class 2, they will learn the basics of poetry, such as rhyming schemes and acrostic poems. The worksheet for English class 2 includes activities that will help your child in grade 2 to get hold of poetry learning and writing. The pdf of these worksheets provides the students with flexibility, as they can perform these activities any time they wish.

Activities included in the English worksheet for class 2

PLC’s fun-filled pdf worksheet for English class 2 are great at-home learning resources. The activities designed by experts are meant to help your child get that extra edge in understanding the concepts of the English language, along with improving the kid’s cognitive, linguistic, and behavioural skills.

The activities include all the English language concepts your kid at age 7 - 8 learns in the classroom.

Some of the activities included in the class 2 English worksheet are:

1. Creative writing

The creative writing activity included in the English language worksheet for class 2 is aimed at improving the communication skills of your 7-year-old. These activities make your child creative and compel them to use their imaginations. The readily available worksheets inspire the students to stay innovative and keep learning.

2. Re-writing activity

The English worksheet for class 2 contains rewriting activities, so your kids can improve their grammar and vocabulary skills. By participating in these activities, children are given an opportunity to practice how to use capital letters and punctuation correctly. As parents, you can use these worksheets to check on your child’s progress in English in the second grade.

3. Word search

Learning the English language can be made more enjoyable by engaging in activities such as word searches. The puzzles included in this English worksheet pdf for grade 2 are an excellent way for your child to enrich their knowledge of new words apart from what is taught in the classroom. As your child progresses through the worksheets, they will have an improved understanding of English as a second language.

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