Class 2 Maths Worksheets (7-8 Years)

PLC’s printable maths worksheet for class 2 can make mathematics an exciting journey for 7-year-old students. We believe in making math fun and interactive, helping students develop a strong foundation in the subject.

Our printable maths worksheets follow the renowned Kumon methodology, breaking down complex concepts into manageable chunks. With gamified activities like crossword puzzles and scenarios, learners can enjoy the process of learning while parents can easily assess their progress.

Rest assured, all topics covered in our printable worksheets are carefully curated using PLC's highly structured curriculum designed by India's leading educators. We go the extra mile to support parents in their teaching efforts by providing guidance videos, webinars, blogs, and YouTube channels to enhance their understanding of specific topics.

Covering a wide range of subjects, our maths worksheets for class 2 ensures a holistic and enjoyable learning experience for your child. From basic geometry, where learners explore shapes and patterns, to arithmetic topics such as addition, multiplication, and division, we've got it all covered. These printable worksheets can be worked on at any time, allowing parents to correct mistakes and offer guidance as needed.

Let's take a closer look at the key areas covered in our maths worksheets for class 2:

1. Geometry - Shapes & Co-ordinates: Geometry is the study of shapes, lines, and curves. At age 7, learners can gain a unique perspective on the world through the understanding of shapes. Our class 2 maths worksheet pdfs include exercises to identify, dissect, and match shapes to their 3-D forms.

2. Arithmetic: Arithmetic is all about working with numbers, helping children understand measurement and solve real-world problems. Through adventurous exercises like finding secret codes and crossword puzzles, our 2nd class maths worksheets engage learners and even mirror real-world scenarios.

3. Patterns and Numbers: Developing logical reasoning skills is crucial, and pattern deduction exercises play a significant role. Our maths worksheet for grade 2 offers interesting activities like translating numbers into words, figuring out dice patterns, and sorting, allowing 7-year-olds to develop these skills in an engaging manner.

Our class 2 maths worksheets include various activities tailored to the needs of young learners. By breaking down topics into manageable steps and providing captivating activities, we ensure that students can master these concepts with ease. Let's explore some of these activities:

1. Identify the Shape: Our printable worksheet activities allow students to identify shapes and compare them to real-world objects, providing context to their learning and enhancing their understanding of the subject.

2. Co-ordinate the Coordinates: To prepare learners for statistics, we offer mental maths worksheets for class 2 that guide students through plotting coordinates using activities like coloring cells and joining points.

3. Identify Patterns: Pattern deduction worksheets help students figure out logical sequences, encouraging critical thinking. Collaborative activities promote peer-to-peer learning and bonding among classmates.

4. Word Problems: Word problem activities stimulate arithmetic learning and problem-solving skills. Our 2nd std maths worksheets simulate real-life scenarios, enabling students to visualize and understand problems effectively.

5. Puzzle Solving: Transforming math problems into crossword puzzles adds an exciting twist to pattern deductions and arithmetic problem-solving. By gamifying these concepts, learners are more engaged and motivated to excel in mathematics.

Unlock your child's potential in mathematics with our engaging maths worksheet for class 2. With PLC's comprehensive resources and interactive approach, learning math becomes a joyful experience for young students.


What are maths worksheets for class 2?

A: Maths worksheets for class 2 are educational resources designed specifically for second-grade students to practice and reinforce math concepts taught in school. They consist of a variety of exercises and activities that cover topics like geometry, arithmetic, patterns, and numbers.

Q: How can maths worksheets for class 2 benefit students?

A: Class 2 maths worksheets provide numerous benefits to students. They offer extra practice opportunities, helping students solidify their understanding of math concepts. The worksheets are designed to be engaging and interactive, making learning enjoyable. They also allow students to work at their own pace, promoting independent learning and boosting confidence.

Q: Are maths worksheets for grade 2 aligned with the curriculum?

A: Yes, 2nd class maths worksheets are carefully aligned with the curriculum followed in second-grade classrooms. They cover the topics and skills specified in the curriculum, ensuring that students receive comprehensive practice and reinforcement of the concepts they are learning in school.

Q: Can parents use maths worksheets for class 2 at home?

A: Absolutely! Class 2 maths worksheet pdfs are an excellent resource for parents to support their child's learning at home. Parents can download and print the worksheets, providing their child with additional practice opportunities. The worksheets also serve as a tool for parents to assess their child's progress and identify areas that may require further attention.